Collin  Rippin

Collin Rippin


MongoDB Realm + GraphQL (Update One and Delete One)

This is the second part of the series of use of “MongoDB Realm + GraphQL + Apollo Client (on React)”. You can find the first post of the series with more details here.

This post will describe how we can update or delete one specific document in our Database.

Exactly, as in the previous post, the steps for both scenarios are the following:

  1. We figure out our query in MongoDB Explorer.
  2. We copy the query in our operations.graphql file, and we execute the $ npm run generate command.
  3. We move the logic to our components as we did on our creation scenario.


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MongoDB Realm + GraphQL (Update One and Delete One)

Query of MongoDB | MongoDB Command | MongoDB | Asp.Net Core Mvc

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Nandu Singh

Nandu Singh


How to use MongoDB Atlas to build your Realm based application

In the world we live in, we can do anything anywhere with just our phones. Maximizing the value and insights from mobile applications and integrating them with existing systems can be a challenge. MongoDB Realm aims at making this experience much easier for developers so that you can focus on your application and your business.

This talk will help you integrate your mobile strategy with MongoDB as well as maximize the value of the data from your mobile applications.

You will find this talk useful if you are building a new mobile application using MongoDB Realm or if you are already using Realm and are interested in doing more with your data.

You will learn how to use MongoDB Atlas to build your Realm based application, configure it with Realm sync and enhance its functionality and integration with your existing MongoDB backend systems.

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Install MongoDB Database | MongoDB | Asp.Net Core Mvc


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MongoDB Delete Document | Remove, DeleteOne and DeleteMany Methods | Asp.Net Core

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Create, Delete collection in MongoDB database | Show collection list | Asp.Net Core Mvc


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