How to Build a Data Stack from Scratch

After 7 years working as Senior Data Manager at Criteo and as Head of Data at Payfit, and after interviewing 200+ data leaders for user research, I am starting to have a good overview of data stacks in action. So, by popular demand, I’m dropping here and there some advice on the trends I observed.

Earlier in March, I had two different calls: one from a former colleague, now head of data at Swile, and one from a friend, now head of data at Cajoo. Both had taken a new job and had to build a complete data stack, from scratch! I assume this could interest others. Here is the piece of advice I gave them.

Before we start, here is a Decision Matrix that you can use for benchmark purposes:

  • Ease of Use
  • Integration in Cloud environment
  • Community & Documentation
  • Governance Capabilities
  • Pricing

To keep things simple, we’ll just follow the data, from source to reporting.

Data Warehouse




Data Viz

Data Discovery

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How to Build a Data Stack from Scratch