Creating your first CRUD app with Suave and F#

Creating your first CRUD app with Suave and F#

In this article, you’ll be driven through the Suave server by developing a complete CRUD REST API.

Suave is an easy to use framework for F#. In this article, Diogo Souza explains how to create an F## CRUD app with Suave.

F## is the go-to language if you’re seeking functional programming within the .NET world. It is multi-paradigm, flexible, and provides smooth interoperability with C#, which brings even more power to your development stack, but did you know that you can build APIs with F#? Not common, I know, but it’s possible due to the existence of frameworks like

Suave is a lightweight, non-blocking web server. Since it is non-blocking, it means you can create scalable applications that perform way faster than the ordinary APIs. The whole framework was built as a non-blocking organism.

Inspired by Happstack, it aims to embed web server capabilities into applications by providing support to components and services like Websockets, HTTPS, multiple TCP/IP bindings, Basic Access Authentication, Keep-Alive, HTTP compression, and many more.

In this article, you’ll be driven through the Suave server by developing a complete CRUD REST API.

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