Hire Dedicated SaaS Developer

Are you looking for custom software development that works off the cloud? SaaS is the abbreviation for the ‘Software-as-a-service’ application. SaaS development process includes design, development, unit testing, and integration. **[Hire...

Use Sankey to Represent Your Sales Process

Traditional sales visualizations miss critical information about what is happening in the sales process.

A Cattle Management Software for Farmers & Milk Producers

From Herd management to farm management, dairy farms face challenges on a daily basis. Here we made cattle management software and app that not only helps dairy farmers to yield high milk production but also identifies other important KPIs like...

Download Android SDK Manager and SDK Tools

We’ll read about the Android SDK Manager. We will see what is SDK manager in Android and why and how it is important for Android

Managing Camel Rest Services Using Red Hat 3Scale API Management

To understand this better, let's take a simple Camel Rest Service example and try integrating that with Red Hat 3Scale.