Top Fascinating Android Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2021]

Top Fascinating Android Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2021]

Top Fascinating Android Projects in Github [For Beginners & Experienced in 2021] - These are a few experienced android project ideas that you can explore. Android Projects in Github There is a famous saying. As you build your own Android project. Through our android projects guide to build your very own experience!

Android Projects in Github

There is a famous saying which goes around in the developer world, and that is if you want to become a better programmer, you would need to read more code. It does not get much difficult than that.

You can choose any medium to be it books, blogs, forums, or even platforms. They all are good, but none of them is great. Why? Because none of the things mentioned above can actually compete with real and fully working code. There really is no better learning than seeing an entire app opened right in front of you, and all you have to do is look and see how each part functions.

All we would need from you is to grab a cup of tea or coffee or any hot beverage of our choice and read some really good written code if you want to be a successful developer. 

We have in this article listed out some of the best open-source projects through which we would be able to see and then learn. Since Android apps come in various capacity, it would be prudent for us to mention all sorts of an app which we can find.

We have done just that. We have tried to list some of the best android projects in GitHub, which should help you in your overall development. 

Some of the apps on our list are actually fully functional apps, which you can find directly listed on the play store. You can find these apps on the play store, and to have a feel of what the end and the finished product looks like, you can download and play around with them.

We have mentioned the difficulty level is associated with each project alongside the project itself, so before picking up the project, you should be the judge whether the project is a good fit for you or not.

So, without wasting any more time, let us jump into the best android projects in GitHub, which we were able to find. 

Top 10 Android Projects in GitHub

1. LeafPic

2. Simple Calendar

3. Amaze File Manager

4. Easy Sound Recorder

5. ML Manager

6. PhotoAffix

7. Movie Guide

8. An Explorer

9. Minimal ToDo

10. Timber

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