ReScript bindings for React Native Paper

ReScript bindings for React Native Paper

@reason-react-native/paper ReScript bindings for react-native-paper


ReScript / Reason bindings for react-native-paper.

Exposed as Paper module.

@reason-react-native/paper X.y.* means it's compatible with react-native-paper X.y.*


⚠️ Work in progress. These bindings are used successfully in several apps, but are not complete yet and still subject to change.

Checkout missing components


When react-native-paper is properly installed & configured by following their installation instructions, you can install the bindings:

npm install @reason-react-native/paper
# or
yarn add @reason-react-native/paper

@reason-react-native/paper should be added to bs-dependencies in your bsconfig.json:

  "bs-dependencies": [
    // ...
+    "@reason-react-native/paper"



let make = () => {
  let (visible, setVisible) = React.useState(() => false);

    <Paper.Dialog visible onDismiss={_ => setVisible(_ => false)}>


Check the changelog for more informations about recent releases.


Read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Code of Conduct

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Implemented components

  • ActivityIndicator

  • Avatar

  • Appbar

  • BottomNavigation

  • Badge

  • Banner

  • Button

  • Checkbox

  • Card

  • Chip

  • Dialog

  • Divider

  • FAB

  • DataTable

  • Drawer

  • List

  • IconButton

  • Modal

  • Menu

  • RadioButton

  • Searchbar

  • PaperProvider

  • Portal

  • ProgressBar

  • Snackbar

  • Surface

  • TextInput

  • TouchableRipple

  • ToggleButton

  • HelperText

  • ThemeProvider

  • Typography

    • Title
    • Subheading
    • Headline
    • Paragraph
    • Caption
    • Text

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Author: reason-react-native

Source Code:

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