Microservices Are Not A Technical Solution, They’re A Teamwork Solution

Microservices Are Not A Technical Solution, They’re A Teamwork Solution

Microservices are not a Technical Solution, They’re a Teamwork Solution. The first answer to “make this more reliable” isn’t “make it a set of microservices”

The first answer to “make this more reliable” isn’t “make it a set of microservices”

Here in Expedia Group™️, we’ve developed a short 2-hour introductory session on reliability engineering. The session has a short exercise at the end with a simple architecture, and we ask the students for suggestions to make it more reliable.

Inevitably the first suggestion is to break up the large central service into microservices. It’s not surprising. Microservices seem to be touted as a benefit for so many reasons. But the answer is wrong. It’s very simple to see why. Take a set of components all working together in a service, and do nothing other than break them up into separate services so that each component is now a service communicating with the other services. All you have done is introduced many more points of failure into your system — each inter-component communication (which would have an incredibly low failure rate) has now become an inter-service network call (or at minimum inter-process call), with a much higher though still low chance of failure.

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