Open Source Series: Version Management

Open Source Series: Version Management

Open Source Series: Version Management. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about software versioning! Software upgrade Version control is the process of assigning either unique version names. If you own an open source project then you do series it to help others, not yourself.

All about breaking changes and back-ports

Hey there, it’s been a rough couple of months, but here we are again, talking about Open Source. In this chapter (which is also the concluding part of the series) we’ll talk about version management. You’ll learn about version notations, breaking changes, back-ports, and more.

Before reading this chapter I highly recommend you get yourself familiarized with the topics we previously discussed, especially the last one, talking about Automation:

Table of contents

  • Intro
  • Starting a Project
  • Documentation
  • Publicity
  • Issues and PRs
  • Automation
  • Version management

Software versioning

Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about software versioning.

Software upgrade versioning_ is the process of assigning either unique version names or unique version numbers to unique states of computer software._

Modern computer software is often tracked using two different software versioning schemes — internal version number that may be incremented many times in a single day, such as a revision control number, and a release version that typically changes far less often, such as semantic versioning__[1]__ or a project code name.

Indeed, there are multiple ways of uniquely identifying your software product version.

The most widely known way is by giving it a name.

The vast majority of people on Earth, even those indirectly connected to technology have probably heard of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Marshmallow or Mac OS Leopard, its frozen cousin Snow Leopard and Big Sur.

Programmers have probably heard about Eclipse with its celestial bodies Luna, Mars, and Photon.

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