How much does it cost to hire top Mobile App Developers in India?

How much does it cost to hire top Mobile App Developers in India?

Mobile application development is considered a one-time investment, but those who wish to elevate their business in digital space understand that it’s an ongoing project which requires changes according to business market trends. Those changes lie in UI/UX designs, content, etc. Data EximIT provides these long term services with their in-house top mobile app developers in India.

There are mainly three ways you can hire top mobile app developers in India for your mobile app project:

Hiring Model To Hire Mobile App Developers:

1. Fixed Price Model:

This model to hire ours in house developers especially based on your project requirements and its definition. If you are clear on your project requirements, this prices will be most suitable. It requires no changes during the process, can be paid based on milestones achieved, and transparent regarding how much achievements your projects is making.

2. Flexible Contracts Model: 

Many times, a client comes to us with an idea and baseline, we help them define the idea in line with their business goals and market conditions. We form a partnership with clients to achieve those goals. Here, clients can provide the necessary changes as he/she sees fit provided that changes will be chargeable based on the complexity and effort required. Here, time hired for and tools used for mobile application development process are the determining factors for prices. For example, the delivery date might not be fixed, but prices are set on hourly bases.

3. Dedicated Team Price Model: 

A dedicated team is assigned to your project if hired according to this model. The team includes developers, UI/UX designers, market researcher, quality analyst, content writer, digital marketing executive, and a project manager. A project manager communicates every step of the mobile app development process to you and manages the team for a timely delivery even when changes are made. Lastly, a dedicated team most significant benefit is the continuous support and maintenance for the mobile app.

Determining Factors of Hiring Price:

 Mobile Platform:

There are three major platforms for a mobile application to be launched, Google Play stores, Apple store, and the Windows app store. Many times, a business having niche market only requires a mobile application for Android

and iOS devices only, so according to those requirements, prices to hire best mobile app developers gets affected. There is also a category of hybrid app development which coding enables working in every platform without many efforts. The use in multiple platforms with a single development process reduces the cost of hiring to a great extent.

 App Project Complexity: 

Before approaching a mobile app development company for your project, it is always good to determine your requirements, your development goals, your project delivery, and deployment goals. This move helps in assessing the

company& prices compared to market price. For example, a market place to sell consumer durable good will require more efforts by UI/UX designers and developers while a simple messaging app would not expect many efforts.

Typically, If hired on the bases on hours to be spent on a project is the determining factor, we provide this service $12-$15/hour to our clients. Again, it can vary depending on your requirements. You can contact our experts anytime to share your requirement and get best hourly rates to hire developers.

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