Selenium Training | Selenium Certification Course

Selenium Training | Selenium Certification Course

Selenium Online Training by HKR Trainings covers basic and advanced concepts. Enroll now Selenium Course ➔ 30 Hrs ✔️2 Industry Use-cases ✔️IoT certification course ✔️Self-paced videos ✔️Industry Experts ✔️Job Guaranteed ✔️Join Now!

Selenium is written in java language and offers portable frameworks for testing web functional websites. Selenium available with payback/recorded tools so that users no need to write any test scripts. The main benefit of learning selenium is that non-programmers can also learn this testing tool without any hesitation.

HKR Trainings selenium course offers you to validate and become proficient in this application. You will be able to learn selenium tools like auto IT, maven tools, IDE, Web Driver, and many advanced features. We deal with real-time projects and our trainers are industry level experts. They are having a lot of experience concerning the course. Our technical support team assists you 24/7 for any queries related to the course.

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