FanDuel Clone | White-label Fantasy Software Development Like FanDuel

FanDuel Clone | White-label Fantasy Software Development Like FanDuel

Launch our FanDuel clone app that enables you to conduct daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy sports contests hasslefree. Amass millions of users with our highly customizable and ready-to-launch solution!

In this reign of emerging online gaming applications, people look for diverse sets of features. As a business owner, you should chip in certain metrics that make your standalone when compared to other competitors. At Appdupe, we build fantasy sports apps that have unique features and benefits.

Here are some of the features of the Fanduel clone script.

Live match scores- The app displays live match scores to boost the confidence of the players.

Pre-match contests- Users can participate in various sports quizzes and get rewarded. This feature will increase the player’s knowledge as well as encourages them to use your application.

Player card- Users can select the players from the player cards. The player card has players’ details like number of matches played, won, lost, winning rate, etc.

Social media sharing- Users can share their match scores in social media. This will increase the exposure of your application.

Live group chats- Users can participate in live discussions and forums. Users can chat with other users via group/private chats.

Multilingual- The application supports almost every language to cover a wide range of audiences.

We provide many such intuitive features. You can customize the features according to your needs and budget. Let us move to know the basic workflow of the Fanduel application development.

Users will log into the application after completing the registration. Now, users can create/join any of the available tournaments based on the entry fee. Users will add players to the team. If users win the match, they will be rewarded with a winning amount. Users can withdraw their winning amount from their bank accounts.

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