React Native Search Bar inspired by iOS UISearchBar with Dark Mode

React Native Search Bar  inspired by iOS UISearchBar with Dark Mode

React Native Search Bar inspired by iOS UISearchBar with Dark Mode

React Native Search Component

⚓ Installation

yarn add react-native-search-component
# or
npm i react-native-search-component

👪 Dependencies

React Native Reanimated
npm install react-native-reanimated

For iOS

cd ios && pod install && cd ..

For Android

  1. Turn on Hermes engine by editing android/app/build.gradle

project.ext.react = [
  enableHermes: true  // <- here | clean and rebuild if changing
  1. Plug Reanimated in
  import com.facebook.react.bridge.JSIModulePackage; // <- add
  import com.swmansion.reanimated.ReanimatedJSIModulePackage; // <- add
  private final ReactNativeHost mReactNativeHost = new ReactNativeHost(this) {

      protected String getJSMainModuleName() {
        return "index";

      protected JSIModulePackage getJSIModulePackage() {
        return new ReanimatedJSIModulePackage(); // <- add

For detailed instructions check it out here

React Native SVG
npm install react-native-svg

For iOS

cd ios && pod install && cd ..

For detailed instructions check it out here

Rebuild the project after adding the dependencies

🔍 Usage

import React, { useState } from "react";
import { SafeAreaView, StyleSheet, Text, TouchableOpacity } from "react-native";
import SearchComponent from "react-native-search-component";

const App = () => {
  const [theme, setTheme] = React.useState("LIGHT");
  const [searchTerm, setSearchTerm] = useState("");

  const toggleTheme = () =>
    theme === "LIGHT" ? setTheme("DARK") : setTheme("LIGHT");
  const themeBasedContainer = [
    { backgroundColor: theme === "LIGHT" ? "white" : "black" },
  const themeBasedTextStyle = [
    { color: theme === "LIGHT" ? "black" : "white" },

  const onChange = (e) => {
  const onSearchClear = () => setSearchTerm("");

  return (
    <SafeAreaView style={themeBasedContainer}>
      <Text style={themeBasedTextStyle}>React Native Search Component</Text>
      <TouchableOpacity style={{ paddingVertical: 12 }} onPress={toggleTheme}>
        <Text style={[styles.textStyle, { color: "#007AFF", fontSize: 18 }]}>
          Toggle Theme
          { textAlign: "left", paddingLeft: 16, fontSize: 18 },
        {" "}
        Search Term : {searchTerm}

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    flex: 1,
    justifyContent: "center",
  textStyle: {
    fontSize: 24,
    textAlign: "center",
    paddingVertical: 10,

export default App;

📷 Screenshot


🔧 Props

Name Description Required Type Default
value A search term Value Yes String ''
placeholder A placeholder value No String ''
placeholderTextColor Tintcolor for Placeholder No Color Based on theme
onChange A Callback function returning TextInput onChange Yes Function () => {}
onSearchClear A Callback function on Close Icon click No Function () => {}
theme App Theme NO oneOf['LIGHT','DARK] 'LIGHT'
isLoading Loading state Indicator on search NO Boolean false
loadingTintColor The tint color of spinner NO Color '#636366'
cancelColor The tint color of 'Cancel' text NO Color '#007AFF'
customSearchInputStyle The styles, that will rewrite default searchInputStyle NO Object Check here
customCancelTextStyle The styles, that will rewrite default "cancel" text Style NO Object Check here

🔧 Style Objects

default value of Custome Search Input
  fontSize: 18,
  fontWeight: '400',
  lineHeight: 22,
  letterSpacing: 0.5,
  paddingHorizontal: 12,
  paddingVertical: 10,
  borderRadius: 12,
  paddingLeft: 32

default value of Custom Cancel Text Style
  paddingLeft: 16,
  fontSize: 17,
  color: props.cancelColor

🔧 Methods


Returns searchTextInput ref. Useful for directly control search input.


import { useEffect, useRef } from 'react';


const searchInput = useRef();


const toggleFocus = () => {
  const isFocused = searchInput.current.searchInputRef().isFocused();
  if (isFocused) {
  } else {


🎉 Example

Checkout the example here.

📓 Blog

Checkout my blog here.

⛄ Built with ❤️ and

✌️ Contributing

Pull requests are always welcome! Feel free to open a new GitHub issue for any changes that can be made.

👨 Author

Karthik B

Download Details:

Author: timelessco

Source Code:

react react-native mobile-apps

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