Make your Bubble App A PWA in 3 minutes

Make your Bubble App A PWA in 3 minutes

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make your bubble app a pwa in 3 minutes. Augment your app with PWA installation, push notifications & offline

In January 2020, I gathered a couple of friends and together we built — on a hunch — the very first COVID-19 app, modestly entitled

It quickly exceeded all our expectations, and a few months later, over 15 million people around the world were regularly using it basis to track the spread of the epidemic.

Because timing was crucial to the success of such an app, we built it as a Progressive Web App. And as it turned out — and without really realizing it — we were building a pretty kick-ass PWA implementation.

So we took that PWA implementation, made it a standalone product, called it Progressier, and made it available to anyone who needs it.

Today, Progressier is finally available to anyone who is building apps using


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