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Do you have ideas about profitable businesses in the market? Are you a business person in need of a good business idea? Well, the answers to these questions lie in this blog. The online job marketplace service is an excellent platform via which you can generate high revenue. Build an app with all the necessary features and make sure it is error-free. Another crucial characteristic is that the app should have separate panels based on the roles available. The freelancer clone you develop for your business should comprise the following distinct panels:

Employer app:
The employer should be able to log in to the app and post their project details and requirements on the app. They can also view the list of freelancers who will be suitable for the job. They can contact the freelancers via the private messaging feature and also view their ratings if required.

Freelancer app:
Freelancers can register with the app and create a profile for themselves. They can apply for the jobs posted by the employers and approach them if required. They will also be allowed to upload any files or documents to the app after project completion. Freelancers can integrate their social media account to the profile if needed.

Admin panel:
The admin can create sub-admins and grant limited access to them. Sub-admins can effectively help in managing and monitoring the process. They can resolve disputes, view analytics and reports, modify user data, verify employer and freelancer accounts, manage escrow wallets, and cut-down commission.

To conclude:
Ensure that your freelancer clone app is built with the above-mentioned crucial panels and the respective options. Market your app in the right way, and it will become an instant hit in the on-demand market.

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Freelancer Clone - AppDupe