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FinTech Technology Trends You can’t Ignore in 2019

Fintech industry is booming with all new technologies. Lets explore some latest fintech trends 2019 that help the Finance sector.

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Top 10 Trending Technologies Must Learn in 2021 | igmGuru

Technology has taken a place of more productiveness and give the best to the world. In the current situation, everything is done through the technical process, you don’t have to bother about doing task, everything will be done automatically.This is an article which has some important technologies which are new in the market are explained according to the career preferences. So let’s have a look into the top trending technologies followed in 2021 and its impression in the coming future in the world.

  1. Data Science
    First in the list of newest technologies is surprisingly Data Science. Data Science is the automation that helps to be reasonable for complicated data. The data is produces in a very large amount every day by several companies which comprise sales data, customer profile information, server data, business data, and financial structures. Almost all of the data which is in the form of big data is very indeterminate. The character of a data scientist is to convert the indeterminate datasets into determinate datasets. Then these structured data will examine to recognize trends and patterns. These trends and patterns are beneficial to understand the company’s business performance, customer retention, and how they can be enhanced.

  2. DevOps
    Next one is DevOps, This technology is a mixture of two different things and they are development (Dev) and operations (Ops). This process and technology provide value to their customers in a continuous manner. This technology plays an important role in different aspects and they can be- IT operations, development, security, quality, and engineering to synchronize and cooperate to develop the best and more definitive products. By embracing a culture of DevOps with creative tools and techniques, because through that company will gain the capacity to preferable comeback to consumer requirement, expand the confidence in the request they construct, and accomplish business goals faster. This makes DevOps come into the top 10 trending technologies.

  3. Machine learning
    Next one is Machine learning which is constantly established in all the categories of companies or industries, generating a high command for skilled professionals. The machine learning retailing business is looking forward to enlarging to $8.81 billion by 2022. Machine learning practices is basically use for data mining, data analytics, and pattern recognition. In today’s scenario, Machine learning has its own reputed place in the industry. This makes machine learning come into the top 10 trending technologies. Get the best machine learning course and make yourself future-ready.

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Top Technology Trends | Emerging Technologies Trends | Upcoming Technology Trends

Hidden Brains, a reputed mobile app development company, throws light on forecasted Top technology trends that will redefine innovation.

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Technology trends are changing the aspect of future

We have seen an upsurge of technological tools used in the past decade. Smart Phones have taken over the world and with that, the use of the internet has become an integral part of people’s lives.

What we have come across in the past decade was shaped by the efforts of tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

They were the key players in shaping the face of the IT industry. It will be interesting to see how technology trends in 2020 will shape the future of the upcoming decade. We already have got hints regarding some of the coolest technology that will be trending in 2020 in the last few years.

Top 8 Technology Trends in 2020

Here is the list of top 8 latest technology trends in 2020 that will be buzzing all around the world in the years to come.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Robots
  3. Computer Vision** and Face Recognition**
  4. Self Driving Cars
  5. Blockchain
  6. Quantum Computing
  7. Robotic Process Automation
  8. Edge Computing

1. Artificial Intelligence

Lots of research gave been going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence and efforts have been made to attribute machines with human intelligence. Computer Scientists are in the process of building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that generally requires human intervention.

Some of the tools that are AI-enabled, and you have been using it for quite a time are –

  • Personal Assistants — Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google Search, Amazon’s Alexa
  • IBM’s Watson
  • YouTube’s Recommendation is surely not a coincidence, that is a small example of Artificial Intelligence in action

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The examples we mentioned above fall under the category of Narrow AI as each of them performs a single task very well. The next big technology trend in 2020 and the years to come would be something more powerful such as AI machines that can do whatever the humans can, but that is still far from reach.

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Fintech Development Trends You Should know in 2021

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. With every passing day, this technology is expanding to a new level and making a benchmark. With the help of Fintech, you can easily encounter different problems related to payments, money, and banks.

According to Statista, In 2018, about 61 percent of Americans used digital banking, which is set to rise to 65.3 percent by 2022.

Banks and other financial institutions are developing customer-centric models that give an overall better banking experience for everyone, and they are taking help from Fintech to get the job done. There is a lot more to come in the Fintech industry to solve the financial issues with modern trends and development in Fintech.

In the coronavirus outbreak, the Fintech app development industry has evolved much and helped transaction money with any contact and overwhelmed support from banks and financial institutions. It seems like the support provided to Fintech will last longer, and with development trends, Fintech will become smarter, quicker, and convenient.

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7 Fintech Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The financial industry is rapidly merging with the FinTech industry. There are more digital finance products today than ever before. The total worldwide investment in the FinTech industry is around $33.5 billion, which is growing continuously. Today, FinTech trends skyrocket as companies innovate with financial products all over the world. 

There are a plethora of FinTech solutions available in the industry. From fintech app ideas for managing finances, budgeting to assessing investment risks, there are apps for everything in finance. Some even say that this is the golden age of finance – one where FinTech digital solutions will pave the way for the industry to go entirely digital.

But it’s just the beginning. The latest FinTech trends suggest that the industry is witnessing a significant shift in digital applications. And COVID-19 has certainly driven fintech companies into the limelight. Digital payments, wealth management, and banking solutions were at the forefront of online transaction management.

This article will highlight the 7 FinTech trends 2021 will witness. We will focus on how these FinTech trends will transform the industry as we know it today. Even when the pandemic is over, FinTech apps are seeing promising growth. Let’s look at the trends in detail and how they are changing the digital financial landscape.

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7 FinTech Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

With contactless payment and digital banking becoming mainstream, the FinTech industry is evolving like wildfire. Nobody knew it would catch on so much, considering the security issues in the financial sector. However, FinTech companies smoothly overcame this challenge and built some of the most valuable solutions. 

These new FinTech solutions are now merging with the trends that are changing how the world looks at finance. Here are 7 latest FinTech trends that you should watch out for in 2021:

  1. Personal financial assistant
    • Chatbots are becoming a popular choice among FinTech enterprises and startups. Today, multiple companies provide finance-based bots to consumers using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They act as digital assistants and offer a plethora of services to the users.
    • A digital finance assistant provides help with account balances, payment history, standing instructions, making payments, and much more. It also provides details for the existing loans and information about new financial products. The chatbot offers personal financial advice based on the transaction history to help users learn more about their finances and how to better manage them.
  2. Digital-only banking
    • While digital-only banking has been in talks for some time, the pandemic makes it evident that banks can run digitally. There’s a whole lot of debate about whether banks should close their physical branches and operate through digital systems only.
    • Digital-only banking has reduced bank visits by over 30% in the last couple of years. Customers can make payments online, manage their loans, get real-time analytics, and much more. They can open new accounts, purchase financial products and invest through digital banking solutions. Customers can now skip the lines and waiting in queues for hours to get help with a single transaction.
  3. Big data in banking
    • Banks and financial institutions collect massive amounts of customer data. Every form they fill has some form of data. Access to big data will help banks to provide valuable insights and personalized financial advice to their customers. The data also offers insights into the customers and allows banks to better serve them.
    • Banks are now more inclined to suggest relevant products to their customers. Big data enables them to understand the translation history of the customers and recommend products (both financial and non-financial) based on their spending. Personalized services are now at the core of increasing customer engagement.
  4. Digital currencies
    • Whether they are tokens, cryptocurrencies, or digital money, currencies are one of the biggest FinTech trends 2021 will witness. Bitcoin went from $8000 to straight-up $60,000. The rise in cryptocurrencies also enabled customers to consider it as a thing for long-term investment.
    • Recent FinTech app ideas involve Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are indirectly a form of cryptocurrency that people can invest in. Digital currencies will increase in legibility all over the world as people start accepting it as a common means of payment.
  5. Contactless payments
    • Needless to say, the pandemic has brought to light one of the biggest FinTech trends in India. Contact less payments are quickly becoming the new normal. There are chips and NFCs installed on cards and mobile devices that ensure payments are made without touching any system or person.
    • There are FinTech startups that are working in the field of contactless payments. Users can just scan their cards over the machine, and it shall deduct the payment directly from their bank accounts. In this regard, digital wallets are also becoming effective as users can only insert the phone number and pay for the products.
  6. Consumer retail
    • FintTech app development in the consumer retail industry has been increasing for a while now. Big retailers hire a FinTech app development company and partner with financial institutions to provide products through their applications. The amalgamation of retail products with FinTech is something new to the world.
    • People are getting discounts to pay their credit card bills via third-party apps. There are offers and discounts on entertainment, products, and services when made through specific banks. Such diverse FinTech solutions would drastically transform the FinTech industry as we see it today.
  7. Robotic Process Automation
    • And last but not the least, the most useful and talked about of all – Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA has been valuable in the financial industry for a long time now. RPA technology is enabling the banks and financial institutions to delegate their mundane tasks to bots so that the staff can provide superior customer service.
    • RPA is useful in delivering account-related information, showing application status, bank account details, and much more. There are both B2C, and B2B uses of RPA technology for FinTech digital solutions. Its utilization will only grow over the years to come.

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Conclusion: FinTech Industry Disruption is Going to be big

The financial sector has always been skeptical about adapting to new technologies due to security concerns. But the latest FinTech trends showcase that security has been taken care of – it’s the innovation that will dominate. 

There are plenty of FinTech app ideas in the market. Companies are utilizing FinTech app development services to build products that will satisfy the consumers. You can also do that – just hire BoTree Technologies, a leading FinTech app development company in the US and India.

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