Introducing Deep Learning with Python: Learn Deep Learning in Python [2021]

Introducing Deep Learning with Python: Learn Deep Learning in Python [2021]

Here, we will discuss how deep learning in python works for various applications, including neural networks and computer vision. A new and useful knowledge. It's a pity if you ignore it.

Over the past few years, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been widely adopted and are no longer just “technology buzzwords.” We are beginning to realize the enormous potential of these evolving technologies through a variety of real-life applications like intelligent chatbots, personalized product recommendations, or self-driving cars. 

Thanks to its increasing adoption, we are also talking of a connected world – where AI and ML can potentially replace human beings in work environments. How did AI and ML technologies prepare computers to do complex tasks like “learning by example,” – that comes naturally to most human beings?

This is where deep learning is playing a pivotal role. How does deep learning work – and how can you design intelligent models in deep learning with Python programming language? Let us discuss all this in the following sections.

What is Deep Learning?

What Makes Deep Learning so Different and Powerful?

How Do You Learn Deep Learning?

Understanding deep learning in Python

How to Create a Deep Learning in Python Project Using Keras?


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