How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

Which appears on the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Next, let’s look at the 2nd method of installing the plugin in WordPress which is uploading the plugin .zip file to WordPress.

Learn how you can install a plugin in WordPress.

So what are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are used to add new features to your WordPress site.

So to install a plugin in WordPress there are 2 methods.

Install the plugin by using WordPress search - 00:45

Uploading the plugin .zip file - 03:48

So let’s get started.

The first method to install the plugin by using WordPress search.

To install the plugin using “search”

Go to WordPress dashboard ➜ Plugins ➜ Add New.

Now in the search bar, search for the plugin you want.

Now you can choose any plugin you want from the results.

Now to install the plugin just click “install now”.

Once you have installed the plugin, click “Activate”.

So this is how you can install a plugin in WordPress using WordPress search.

To access your plugin settings, you can go to Plugins And under the plugin name, you can see an option called settings.

You can click that and get access to all the features of the plugin.

The other way to access the plugin settings is by clicking on the installed plugin


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