Learn How to Create WHOIS Query App using Node JS

In this video training learn how to create WHOIS query app using Node JS ( domains, ips and asn ).

You can download code of this video from my github repository:

What is a Whois server?

A Whois server is set-up by an ICANN accredited registrar to acquire up-to-date information about domains that are registered within it. Every ICANN registrar is mandated to maintain a Whois server according to the ICANN agreement.

Directory of Internet Whois Servers:

Whois servers return information about ownership and location of Internet hostnames and IP numbers.


Node JS Module :: Whoiser
whoiser is a WHOIS client for Node.js than helps with querying WHOIS servers for TLDs, domain names, AS numbers and IPs.
Has support for auto-discovery WHOIS servers for TLDs and IPs allocators, making it easy to get WHOIS info with a single call like whoiser(‘google.com’) or whoiser(‘’). Applies minimal parsing to results, returning same data format from different WHOIS servers.

Returns WHOIS info for any internet address
Requires zero config, but configurable when needed
Recognises queries and routes the request to correct server
Minimal parsing to provide consistent results across WHOIS servers
Uses WHOIS servers from IANA, if not provided
Discover all available TLDs

#node js

Learn How to Create WHOIS Query App using Node JS