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Arction provides high performance charting controls for .NET and Web. It is specialized in terms of producing lightning charts in association with the technocrats and software developers. They have been successful in creating top industry-desired, GPU accelerated, and highly sophisticated visualizing charts for presenting the data in its best forms. Arction has a great international team to work with, flourishing opportunities to grow as a professional and committing work-ethics.

Vision and Mission

Arction has the vision to become a global leader in providing state-of-art data visualizations maintaining the highest quality standards which further enhance their mission to establish greater and advanced levels of performing charts for the most demanded software developers of the world.


Arction is setting new levels of industry standards with their on-point company values of building long term loyal relationships with their customers while focusing on advancement in the research and learning sector. Its ambition and passion rely on breaking its own records of transforming industry standards with the perseverance of excellence in their own products.

Component Outlook

Arction involves components like WPF Chart, WPF Chart Control, WPF Data Visualization, Winforms chart, WPF graph, C# graph, .NET charts, JAVASCRIPT charts,
Chart Component, Chart Control, etc.
Arction gives LightningChart for WPF and Windows Forums which is the ultimate data visualization SDK with a plentiful collection of chart components and diverse functionality. It also provisions WPF Chart, a data visualization software control for MS WPF. LightningChart for WPF offers a wide range of user interface options for many applications specific usage.

Arction is also working to provide optimal tools for WPF data visualization as LightningChart is the fastest charting solution in the industry.

Product Overview

Arction provides Lightning chart.NET and Lightning chart JS which is offering various products and many more benefited resources underlying it. Lightning chart.NET avails products which can visualize billions of data points in real-time. It majorly includes XY Charts, Trader Charts, 3D charts, Maps, Polar Charts, and many more. Lightning chart JS has interactive and responsive 2D and 3D charts with unmatched rendering speed majorly constituting Audio Visualization, Trading Demo, real-Time scrolling, Static data speed test, and other considerable examples. Arction is also producing gauge controls for WPF and SilverLight applications.

Fair Partners

Arction has been working with its trust-worthy partners Microsoft and CenterSpace Software, distributed partners and KateChan Research, Authorized Resellers QAST Software Group, XLSOFT, Softline, and many others.
They have contributed in the fair collaborations with Samsung, TOYOTA, Huawei, Nokia, Audi, Sony, Hyundai, Honda, 3M, Mazda, Komatsu.

Success Stories

Below are some of the popular university collaborated industrial case studies:
Beijing Jiaotong University: By using computers, big data, and AI technology, this project aimed to use charts to identify targeted emergency incidents in the city railway network, and to build processing solutions in order to reduce the manual communication time during the procedures. In this way, the efficiency of responding to emergencies can be enhanced by leaps and bounds and its handling operations could be improved based on its need.
Cambridge Insitu Ltd: LightningChart is the primary component in the Ge-Log pressure meter software which is used to display live pressure meter data. Data is displayed using XY-Chart, 3D mapping, or radial expansion using a modified polar chart. Extra features inherit the ability to change the colour and shape of the points in various charts.

GE-LOG is a logging program developed for Pressure meter structured by Issace Cragg. It is enabled to show live pressure meter data used for numerical analysis in a graphics-dominated structure.
University of Sherbrooke: The project involved the use of Lightning chart for understanding and advancement in the field of digital signal processing.
The University of Eastern Finland: Arction’s LightningChart has enabled the university to create fast and efficient applications for data visualization and data analysis of oral and dental multi-spectral images. LightningChart has been used to design and create a user-friendly spectral image annotation tool, which has been later used by dentists for manual annotation of oral and dental spectral images.

Precise Career Opportunities

The intellectual viewpoint of acknowledging Arction in regards to an all-round solution to your needs lies at its career opportunities. Arction is providing a wide range of career opportunities like senior software developers, managing sales, or .NET developers, to remain associated with their team of profound professionals and grow along with them to turn out as competent professionals.
A major advantage lies that they are also helping the new, dynamic youth to progress in their individual developments by using LightningChart in their projects.

Arction Ltd, the team as a whole, has been working vividly on surpassing the industrial standards by numerous qualities, advanced based jumps with relevance to increasing performances.
The company values the development procedure while looking into investing in healthy customer relationships, keeping the emerging talent in front with proper distributed guidance.

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Enhance Performance with Arction

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Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews, Benefits Price & Buy Quick Flow?


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What is Quick Flow Male Enhancement?
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**How can it really function? **

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Carmen Grimes


How to Test Mobile App Performance: 3 Key Components - DZone Performance

You’ve probably interacted with an app on your phone or tablet that’s slow, takes a long time to load, freezes, or even crashes on you altogether.

Frustrating, right?

On the flip side, you can probably think of an app that you love to use because from day one, it’s never given you any trouble.

Or maybe you never paid any mind to an app that works quickly, because isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

So, what causes one app to be crash-prone and another, fast, and reliable?

Whether an app has good or bad performance depends on three factors: the backend, the network, and the app itself running on the device.

A developer or mobile tester can measure the performance of an application in different scenarios.

For example, they can test for when there’s a concurrency of users on the app at the same time, on different devices (which vary in hardware resources and screen sizes), and multiple networks such as 3G, 4G, Wifi, and more.

The reality is that many variables affect the performance of a mobile application. Moreover, a user may have a very bad experience with your app and the cause might not even have anything to do with the code or its implementation.

But, by running performance tests for each of these three factors, you’ll be able to identify problems and optimize your app for the best user experience possible.

Keep reading as we’ll cover the different types of tests for each factor, what to measure, and what tools are available to help you along the way.

1st Mobile Performance Factor: The Backend

A mobile app’s backend architecture is generally based on an application server, a web server, and a database.

**When it comes to the backend, the things related to performance that are important to know when an app is under load are the server’s response times, database queries times, and the server’s resource usage. **

Using this information, it’s easier to detect issues such as:

  • High server response times
  • Bottlenecks or breakpoints in the database and application server resources
  • Poor implementation of escalation policies

So what kind of tests are normally run to check the app’s backend performance? Load tests.

This is when you simulate load on the backend in different ways, whether it be through stress testing, peak testing, endurance testing, load testing, etc.

In general, the objective of these tests is to understand how the backend systems of an app behave and handle a certain volume of concurrent users.

Several tools allow you to load test your mobile app. The most commonly used ones include:

Apache JMeter – the number one open-source load testing tool

Gatling– a developer-friendly, open-source load testing tool with scripts written in Scala

BlazeMeter – a cloud performance testing platform that scales your JMeter or Gatling tests for a greater amount of concurrent users

2nd Mobile Performance Factor: The Network

With regards to the network that the device is connected to, there are two key things to measure: latency and bandwidth.

  • Latency is the time that elapses when information is sent on the network (measured in milliseconds).
  • Bandwidth is the maximum capacity (the amount of data) that can be transmitted through the network (measured in bits per second).

For mobile performance, the lower the latency and the higher the bandwidth, the better.

An app’s performance can vary depending on, for example, whether it’s connected to a 3G network or a 4G network, and unfortunately, this is beyond an app developer or tester’s control.

But, it is possible to incorporate the network during the mobile app performance testing process, simulating the different types of networks and measuring their impact on the response times, both on the server-side and the client-side.

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Joe Hoppe


Best MySQL DigitalOcean Performance – ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean Managed Databases

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MySQL is the all-time number one open source database in the world, and a staple in RDBMS space. DigitalOcean is quickly building its reputation as the developers cloud by providing an affordable, flexible and easy to use cloud platform for developers to work with. MySQL on DigitalOcean is a natural fit, but what’s the best way to deploy your cloud database? In this post, we are going to compare the top two providers, DigitalOcean Managed Databases for MySQL vs. ScaleGrid MySQL hosting on DigitalOcean.

At a glance – TLDR
ScaleGrid Blog - At a glance overview - 1st pointCompare Throughput
ScaleGrid averages almost 40% higher throughput over DigitalOcean for MySQL, with up to 46% higher throughput in write-intensive workloads. Read now

ScaleGrid Blog - At a glance overview - 2nd pointCompare Latency
On average, ScaleGrid achieves almost 30% lower latency over DigitalOcean for the same deployment configurations. Read now

ScaleGrid Blog - At a glance overview - 3rd pointCompare Pricing
ScaleGrid provides 30% more storage on average vs. DigitalOcean for MySQL at the same affordable price. Read now

MySQL DigitalOcean Performance Benchmark
In this benchmark, we compare equivalent plan sizes between ScaleGrid MySQL on DigitalOcean and DigitalOcean Managed Databases for MySQL. We are going to use a common, popular plan size using the below configurations for this performance benchmark:

Comparison Overview
ScaleGridDigitalOceanInstance TypeMedium: 4 vCPUsMedium: 4 vCPUsMySQL Version8. TypeStandaloneStandaloneRegionSF03SF03SupportIncludedBusiness-level support included with account sizes over $500/monthMonthly Price$120$120

As you can see above, ScaleGrid and DigitalOcean offer the same plan configurations across this plan size, apart from SSD where ScaleGrid provides over 20% more storage for the same price.

To ensure the most accurate results in our performance tests, we run the benchmark four times for each comparison to find the average performance across throughput and latency over read-intensive workloads, balanced workloads, and write-intensive workloads.

In this benchmark, we measure MySQL throughput in terms of queries per second (QPS) to measure our query efficiency. To quickly summarize the results, we display read-intensive, write-intensive and balanced workload averages below for 150 threads for ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean MySQL:

ScaleGrid MySQL vs DigitalOcean Managed Databases - Throughput Performance Graph

For the common 150 thread comparison, ScaleGrid averages almost 40% higher throughput over DigitalOcean for MySQL, with up to 46% higher throughput in write-intensive workloads.

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Ida Nader


A Developer's Guide to Optimizing Mobile App Performance - DZone Performance

The invention of mobile phones led to wireless connections between people communicating over a long distance. Users were happy to stay connected with wide coverage offered to them via different cellular phone networks.

Gradually, it became a normal thing for anyone to have a portable phone in their pockets.

As time passed, different innovations influenced the mobile phone technology, thereby, making many functions easier and hassle-free for users.

Today, mobile phones are updated with the latest applications that make various processes and activities easier for daily life. In fact, one cannot imagine life without a mobile phone.


Why Mobile App Optimization Is Essential

Mobile phones were once a device that enabled communication over a long distance, but now, it has become a tool that makes everything accessible anytime anywhere in just a few clicks.

Starting from booking a cab to ordering food from your favorite restaurant, mobile apps have made life much easier and more convenient than ever before.

As these apps play a dominating role in the lives of individuals, it is important that the performance of these mobile applications is never negatively impacted. This is what makes optimizing mobile app performance a necessity.

Imagine you are too hungry to wait at a restaurant and you pick up your mobile phone to order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. But, the app is not working properly.

As a result, you are unable to place your order. Will you go back to the same app ever again after the issue? No, right? So, when asked why it is important to optimize a mobile app, the most important answer is user retention.

To be more precise, a mobile app used for any service becomes an important platform for communication between the user and the service provider via easy navigation and proper interface. You can only hold on to a relationship when you can communicate properly.

Hence, having a better communicative platform will definitely lead to improved user retention.

What Factors Affect Mobile App Optimization?

As soon as a developer decides to work on optimizing a mobile app, there are multiple factors that need need their attention:

1. User Expectations

When you are developing a mobile app, think about the customers you or your client are going to serve.

Hence, the process must consider customers or users as the prime factor influencing the development procedure.

While using a mobile app, people want to have an easy user interface along with a stable speed to help the app run. Keep in mind the same concepts when initially developing mobile apps, as well.

2. Adaptive Nature

Mobile applications are used by people irrespective of the places they are in or the time they are contacting their service providers. In short, they may use it from home or on the go.

However, cellular network coverage is not always the same. Hence, being a developer, you must ensure that your app can adapt to changing network coverage offered by different network carriers.

3. User Loss

Remember, if users are not happy while using your app, they won’t come back. Keep this factor in mind and then develop one. If your client loses users, neither they will get the customer back nor will you get your client back. So, be prepared.

When the mobile apps that you develop are in line with the users’ expectations, the latter proves relevant and results in solid feedback and positive reviews online.

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Roberta Ward


Progressive Enhancement: Basics, Benefits and Web Design Tips

The advancement in technology has given rise to a variety of browsing platforms. It is imperative to ensure proper support to the website for fitting in the browsers. Due to this, progressive enhancement is getting higher popularity among web designers and developers to provide a wide range of browsers accessibility.

There is no denying that the need for cross-platform support is increasing with every passing day. It is because of the ever-growing innovation in tech-gadgets. For this very reason, every good website must have the elements of accessibility, responsiveness, and resize-ability to assist all screen-readers without any discrimination.

The article highlights the basic conceptualization of progressive enhancement and its major benefits and essential ways to improve website design for different browsing situations!

What Is Progressive Enhancement?

Progressive Enhancement (PE) is referred to as an innovative and robust methodology for creating web applications. According to the formal conceptualization:

Progressive enhancement is a powerful strategy to design and develop websites that revolve around the core content of web pages first before setting foot to the additional elements.

Put simply, website designing focus on the core functionality of the design and development process and then ensure gold plating by adding technical layers and sophisticated features progressively. Most of the people rely on experienced web designers to propose a progressive strategy for web enhancement to enables the users to access websites smoothly. It allows the end-users to get a fantastic browsing experience.

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