API Testing Best Practices

API Testing Best Practices

API testing is a worthwhile approach when testing your application in-house or with an offshore QA team.

Today APIs are the backbone of modern applications. Mobile apps use standard interfaces to integrate with back-end systems through APIs. Many leading companies now prioritize the quality, reliability, and performance standards of APIs to make sure their application runs smoothly and communicates correctly with any third party software. API testing can also detect software bugs and security vulnerabilities before your customers do and eliminate them. To successfully run API tests, make sure you implement the following API testing best practices.

Run Dry Run dry approach (don’t repeat yourself) is highly recommended when it comes to creating efficient test cases. While many test cases require you to repeat the code, the run dry approach helps eliminate the unwanted redundancy.

Clear Test Cases It is important to write clear and concise test cases as clear test reports make it easier for test engineers to debug the code. While creating test reports, document software risk uses, features to be tested, and reasons for test failures, if any, such as flawed functionality.

API Virtualisation API virtualization is a technique that helps you create a virtual copy of your API when system components are limited or not available at the time of testing. It allows you to reduce redundancies in the development cycle and emphasize a more seamless continuous integration process.

*Engage with a Trusted Partner to Save Time and Release Faster * Outsourcing QA and expanding your resources can help you achieve quality at speed while saving cost and time. But it is only possible when your QA partner has domain knowledge, relevant experience and ensures a smart, agile approach. A QA partner like QASource offers top-of-line QA services across multiple industries, including healthcare, fintech, legal and so on. While choosing your QA partner, make sure the QA team has knowledge of your domain and advanced testing tools & technologies.

Conclusion If you are not sure how to get started with API testing, connect with QASource’s API testing team of engineers, and get assistance for comprehensive test-driven deployments.

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