How to Migrate Your Blog from Pelican to Hugo

How to Migrate Your Blog from Pelican to Hugo

Learn how to Migrate your Blog from Pelican to Hugo. Pelican has a much smaller community than Hugo. It has 10.4k stars vs. the 51.4k stars on GitHub. On the Static Site Generator community Pelican is a niche.


Issues of Pelican

I've been using Pelican as the framework for my  data science blog for a while now. It has worked for me, though there were always some minor glitches that made me feel not settled. It never feels complete and satisfying to me. Here are some of the big ones:

Small community and niche position

Pelican has a much smaller community than Hugo. It has 10.4k stars vs. the 51.4k stars on GitHub. On the Static Site Generator community, Pelican is a niche. People already know Python might want to try it out (like me!), but others with better understanding and programming skills might prefer other options.

With a smaller community comes with fewer themes, fewer plugins, and less support if you run into some weird issues. This is precisely my experience.

Lack of satisfying themes

It was pretty hard to find my current theme  Elegant that have both a good look and feel as well as utilities. There are not many options to begin with.

Small glitches that are hard to tackle

It took me quite some effort to fully get everything to work. Google Analytics, Disqus, Jupyter Notebook support, Table of Content, Read time, etc. During the process, I barely got any help since there simply weren't many people using it. So I have to dig deep into the source code to fix a minor issue. It's not that the process not worth the time(it was and very challenging and educational for me as a programmer), but why I have to dig out the rocks while I can tend the flowers?

Speed, Speed, Speed

When it comes to speed as a programming language, Python sits on the 'slowest' end while Go is at the top(almost). What I can tell you is this: it shows on-site generating speed for sure. Pelican will take a couple of seconds to render all my articles (20+), while Go took a couple of milliseconds. Another big perk for Go is, it updates the site in real-time, while Pelican will lag behind a bit. This is more obvious when you made a small change and need to re-generate the whole site to see the updated version. Our time is too precious to be wasted, even a couple of seconds will add up to much.

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