Top Recommended ML and Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2020

Top Recommended ML and Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2020

Analytics Insight has announced ‘Top Recommended ML and Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2020’. The issue features the most efficient and competent automation service providers powered by the convergence of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, RPA and other disruptive technologies.

PAVE by Discovery Loft is making waves in the automotive industry by using computer vision to automate the detailed capture, inspection, and grading of a vehicle enabling anyone to deliver accurate, comprehensive vehicle inspections within minutes.

Since its inception in 2017, Discovery Loft’s mission was to take an industry-focus, collaborative approach to technology by working directly with its intended clients to find ways to accelerate the much needed digital transformation for the automotive industry. The company’s partners have hands-on involvement in all stages of product development, from very early on, including ideation to going to market and continuous improvements. With this, Discovery Loft discovered PAVE and how to develop it as a product that addresses a real need versus trying to invent a need. This approach also helped the company find the right market fit of how PAVE should interact with the end-users and integrate into the whole industry.

“In partnership with industry innovators Discovery Loft, this new AI-enabled offering continues the digital-first evolution of the Cox ecosystem and enables real-time benefit,” said Stephanie Turner, Director, Product and Corporate Strategy, Cox Automotive Canada.

Leaderships with Complementary Skill Sets

Discovery Loft’s Co-founders and Co-CEOs Stephen Southin and Brian Steinhauser share rare complementary skill sets. Stephen and his 25+ years of automotive retail and wholesale experience delivers in-depth domain knowledge that was essential in his focus as PAVE’s creator and product architect. He also has 15+ years of technical and startup expertise that he gained as an AutoTech entrepreneur; with his second recent successful exit being Bumper App, he brought to market in 2012 and successfully exited through an acquisition by Vicimus Inc. in 2017.

On the other hand, Brian brings decades of executive sales and brand strategy background having experience working with several Fortune 500 brands, including TD Bank Group, Samsung Electronics, Toyota and Magna International. He has a passion for building and maintaining strong enterprise-level relationships with attention to detail that ensures client success by meeting their expectations. Their ongoing mentorship has fused the dual that Stephen and Brian receive from their Partner and Advisor, Ed Clark.

Ed is currently the Chair of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto. Previously, Ed served as Group President and Chief Executive Officer of TD Bank Group until his retirement in 2014. Twice during his tenure, Barron’s Magazine recognized him as one of the world’s 30 Best CEOs. In 2016, Ed was inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest distinctions.

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