Setting up User Profiles and Authentication on Webflow

Setting up User Profiles and Authentication on Webflow

Please complete the tutorial sections in order, as one does rely on the other… Authenticating Users on Webflow. Authentication is a core ...

There are many amazing low-code and no-code development tools available today. Whether it’s for a non-technical person needing to bridge their skill gap or a technical person that can realize a productivity boost, such tools are quickly reshaping the world’s conception of WhoWhat, and How software gets developed. Simply put, more people with wildly varying skillsets can create software using low-code and no-code development tools.

Just like every development framework has its unique pros and cons, so do low-code and no-code development tools. While some tools might be too limiting from a design standpoint, others are limited in allowing meaningful data to be worked with. This is a serious handicap for those people looking to build real-world applications using low-code and no-code development tools, rather than simple marketing sites.

Most of the tools available today are geared towards front-end development (visual interface design) for marketing sites mainly. Of this category, Webflow is a poster-child — and one of the most flexible visual website builders around! Whereas a platform like 8base can handle the entire backend of an application. See where this is going?

In this tutorial, we’re going to explore how we can leverage a tool like Webflow to build a true web-application rather than a website by using a Backend-as-a-Service for authentication and creating custom user profiles.

What you need to get started

There are a couple of things you’re going to want to set up before getting started. They are:

1. Webflow Account — Website Basic plan $15/mo

2. 8base Account — Free plan or Developer plan $25/mo

Simple as that! Please complete the tutorial sections in order, as one does rely on the other…

Authenticating Users on Webflow

Authentication is a core requirement to almost all applications — as well as a core frustration to most teams! Regardless, in this tutorial we’re going to implement a strategy for letting users sign up, sign in, sign out, and recover passwords in Webflow. Additionally, we’re going to do it all on custom Webflow pages so that you get total design control.

To get started, we’re going to want to log into Webflow and create a new project or use the initial project. It doesn’t matter the styling of the project! So feel free at any time to change up the way things look if you care to.

Once the new project is open, navigate to the Project Settings > Custom Code tab, and first add the script tag below in the “Head Code” section.

<script src=”" crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

Vue.js is a very lightweight front-end JavaScript framework that we’re going to be using. It will allow us to take dynamic control over certain sections of our Webflow site.

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