Dream11 Clone Script | Dream11 Clone App | Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Dream11 Clone Script | Dream11 Clone App | Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Buy Dream11 Clone App Script from Startupmart and build your fantasy sports app like Dream11. Easy log in/Register, Powerful Dashboard, Profile Creation, Start your Tournament, Choose Favourite Sports, Choose a team.

Gaming has become a business with more profit since the invention of smartphones and the internet. Now is the perfect time to start a fantasy gaming business like Dream11 for entrepreneurs, start-ups and individuals who wish to launch a successful web and mobile-based business in a short period. Get ready to score more profit and hit the market with the most trendy web & mobile app-based successful gaming platform.

Startupmart an on demand app development company provides a Dream11 Clone Script for multiple sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and more sports with rich features and functionalities of Dream11. Our Dream11 Clone App solution is fully customized to your requirements and allows you to give an awesome gaming experience to your users. With our Dream11 Clone App, you can manage the entire game and let users create a new team of their choice, schedule matches, participate in contests, earn points based on performance and win money based on the results.

Premium Features of Dream 11 Clone

Real-Time Analytics: Make better decisions with the help of real-time data updated and stored in the database

Ultimate Display: Once user made login, they can view the landing page with the ultimate display providing several sports preferred by users

Contest Page: Participants in the dream11 clone app can view the contest details provided on this page. They can filter out details such as fees amount, winning range, contest type, and contest size

Manage Contest and Games: Admin can manage and adjust the several ongoing games and can also edit, delete, add contest details and game as per requirements

Check earning and rewards: Rewards and earning are the fame for fantasy applications. This feature helps admin to view the complete earning details of an individual with ease ** Handling report:** Admin can get access for the different reports like players ranking report, earning report, etc with this feature

Core Player Prediction: Predict a core player immediately that grasps a place for the team that is performing over there

Cricket Quiz: User can take quizzes conducted often to enhance the skills and to earn rewards

Winner/score prediction: User get reward points for the correct prediction of a champion or score via playing winner or score prediction quiz

Match Highlights: People who did not watch a few parts of the game can get highlights to analyze the game in a better way

Player details: Using this option, one can find the players more accurately by realizing the players’ history

Fun/friendly chat option: User can chat privately with players and they can follow them as well to have a better experience

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