A Simple Switch Component with Icons in The Thumb

A Simple Switch Component with Icons in The Thumb

react-native-switch-with-icons .A simple switch component with icons in the thumb


A simple switch component with icons in the thumb.




npm i react-native-switch-with-icons


yarn add react-native-switch-with-icons


import SwitchWithIcons from "react-native-switch-with-icons";

  onValueChange={value => console.log(`Value has been updated to ${value}`)}


Prop Description Type Default
value The value to be represented Boolean false
disabled Defines if user can interact Boolean false
noIcon Sets the visibility of the icon Boolean false
onValueChange Change value callback Function -
icon The icons to be displayed Object {true: SwitchOn, false: SwitchOff}
trackColor The colors of the track Object {true: "rgb(144, 195, 240)", false: "rgb(187, 194, 204)"}
thumbColor The colors of the thumb Object {true: "rgb(52, 149, 235)", false: "rgb(255, 255, 255)"}
iconColor The colors of the icons Object {true: "#FFFFFF", false: "#9499AD"}
disabledThumbColor The color of the thumb when disabled String "#9499AD"
disabledTrackColor The color of the track when disabled String "#BCBFC9"
disabledIconColor The color of the icon when disabled String "#FFFFFF"
animationDuration The duration of the animation Number 200


Pull requests are welcome.

Download Details:

Author: fernando-silva-dev

Source Code: https://github.com/fernando-silva-dev/react-native-switch-with-icons

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