Creating Bug🕷 Free React Apps

Creating Bug🕷 Free React Apps

In this tutorial, i will show you how to craete Bug🕷 Free React Apps. A good strategy can eliminate several classes of bugs I’ll try to present practical steps we can take to eliminate certain classes of bugs from large JavaScript applications.

According to the paper The Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks, developers are optimists and I agree. Most of us tend to focus on the happy path of a feature, working within the warmth of hot-reloads, VSCode and Chrome dev tools, trusting the APIs to always work and assuming that if anything is wrong, QA will catch it. If only.

In this article, I’ll try to present practical steps we can take to eliminate certain classes of bugs from large JavaScript applications. Some may seem simple and straightforward, some a bit over-engineered, or controversial, yet these are from experience and not just speculation.

🕷 Incorrect function arguments

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language and a very forgiving one in terms of function calls. You could call a function with no arguments or extra arguments no matter how the function was defined. Within a small scope, wrong usage may not seem to be a big issue, but as an application grows, so does its reusable functions and components. As it ages, the chances of calling a function with incorrect parameters (object instead of array, etc), no arguments, arguments in the wrong order, grows. No amount of unit test can really capture all of these, as some will rear their ugly head only during run time.


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