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CI/CD Pipeline: 7 Tips for Success

Continuous integrations and deployments are key elements to a company’s success in releasing software actively in the multifold. It is common in a small engineering team that only one person has the knowledge to package up the project to release and distribute. Building a system with one engineer understanding how to distribute an application is considered to be a bad practice due to relying on John Doe. John Doe might be on vacation, sick, fired, etc. and due to this new releases are paused from touching production till the next guy figures out all the ins and outs.

Building a system that can actively measure, build, and distribute an application is crucial in order to save a lot of time and money. We’re going to outline the seven tips addressing the common CI/CD risks that arise when creating a CI/CD pipeline.

Plan Your CI/CD Pipeline Carefully

1. Keep the Goal in Sight

If you are building processes to implement a few projects with pipelines from scratch, it is important to thoroughly understand how your current projects build locally and what issues you need to account for. It is important to look at your company’s current  CI/CD implementation for other projects first, and plan out how you can tie in a new project to the current system if your company already has such processes in place.

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CI/CD Pipeline: 7 Tips for Success
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Matt Towne


Serverless CI/CD on the AWS Cloud

CI/CD pipelines have long played a major role in speeding up the development and deployment of cloud-native apps. Cloud services like AWS lend themselves to more agile deployment through the services they offer as well as approaches such as Infrastructure as Code. There is no shortage of tools to help you manage your CI/CD pipeline as well.

While the majority of development teams have streamlined their pipelines to take full advantage of cloud-native features, there is still so much that can be done to refine CI/CD even further. The entire pipeline can now be built as code and managed either via Git as a single source of truth or by using visual tools to help guide the process.

The entire process can be fully automated. Even better, it can be made serverless, which allows the CI/CD pipeline to operate with immense efficiency. Git branches can even be utilized as a base for multiple pipelines. Thanks to the three tools from Amazon; AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy, serverless CI/CD on the AWS cloud is now easy to set up.

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Ray Patel


top 30 Python Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to my Blog , In this article, you are going to learn the top 10 python tips and tricks.

1) swap two numbers.

2) Reversing a string in Python.

3) Create a single string from all the elements in list.

4) Chaining Of Comparison Operators.

5) Print The File Path Of Imported Modules.

6) Return Multiple Values From Functions.

7) Find The Most Frequent Value In A List.

8) Check The Memory Usage Of An Object.

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CI/CD Tutorial for Xamarin Android with Google Play Publishing in Azure DevOps | Part 2.

If you haven’t seen part 1, click here, and start build up your CI/CD pipeline now.

Part 2 Contains:

  • Configuring build with creating signed APK, and making artifacts from it
  • Setting up branch policy to master

Configure some magic

Let’s go back to Pipelines. Edit your previously created pipeline by clicking the three dot on the pipelines row.

Edit the previously created pipeline

CI is based on cloud machines hosted somewhere over the world. This computers called as agents. They are used to follow your instructions, defined in the yml file. The base Xamarin.Android yml is only to build your code. But we will make some additional steps in order to create a signed APK of every build. Follow up, to complete this setup.

Recommended branching strategy for this is to keep a development branch, and pull request your feature branches to it, and finally pull request the development branch to the master, and keep your master is always at your production version. The figure below shows visually this method. Source:

Create a signed APK or bundle from every build

First, set up some variables for this pipeline. You will find a Variables button on the right top of the tab. Click on it.

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Adelle  Hackett

Adelle Hackett


How To Setup a CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes 2020 - DZone DevOps

When it comes to DevOps, the word that clicks in mind is CI/CD pipeline. Let’s have a look at Definition of CI/CD pipeline:

CI is straightforward and stands for continuous integration, a practice that focuses on making preparing a release easier. But CD can either mean continuous delivery or continuous deployment and while those two practices have a lot in common, they also have a significant difference that can have critical consequences for a business.

CI stands for Continuous Integration, and CD stands for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. You can think of it as a process which is similar to a software development lifecycle.

Systems provide automation of the software build and validation process-driven continuously by running a configured sequence of operations every time a software change is checked into the source code management repository. These are closely associated with agile development practices and closely related to the emerging DevOps toolsets.

In the DevOps world, we have a plethora of toolsets that can help and leverage CICD capabilities.

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Proxies
  • Git
  • Jenkins/ Jenkins X
  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Code Pipeline, etc

This blog gives direction to up and running your CICD pipeline running on the Kubernetes cluster by the GitLab CICD pipeline.


  • Hands-on knowledge of Docker containers
  • Hands-on knowledge of Kubernetes architecture and understanding
  • The Idea of how to write YAML files
  • Up and Running Kubernetes cluster

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Nella  Brown

Nella Brown


How Continuous Testing in DevOps Enables Quality in the CI/CD Pipeline

An overview of the process of Continuous Testing and how this branch of DevOps can fit into your development process to create a better end product.

We all understand the importance of software testing and how it transforms a business by enabling the delivery of quality products to clients in shorter delivery cycles. It’s impossible to run test cases manually by evaluating the quality of each line of code at every step of the Continuous Delivery process. This is where Continuous testing in DevOps comes into the picture.

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