CI/CD Pipeline: 7 Tips for Success

CI/CD Pipeline: 7 Tips for Success

We're going to outline the seven tips addressing the common CI/CD risks that arise when creating a CI/CD pipeline. In this tutorial, we'll discuss 7 Tips for Success

Continuous integrations and deployments are key elements to a company's success in releasing software actively in the multifold. It is common in a small engineering team that only one person has the knowledge to package up the project to release and distribute. Building a system with one engineer understanding how to distribute an application is considered to be a bad practice due to relying on John Doe. John Doe might be on vacation, sick, fired, etc. and due to this new releases are paused from touching production till the next guy figures out all the ins and outs.

Building a system that can actively measure, build, and distribute an application is crucial in order to save a lot of time and money. We're going to outline the seven tips addressing the common CI/CD risks that arise when creating a CI/CD pipeline.

Plan Your CI/CD Pipeline Carefully

1. Keep the Goal in Sight

If you are building processes to implement a few projects with pipelines from scratch, it is important to thoroughly understand how your current projects build locally and what issues you need to account for. It is important to look at your company's current  CI/CD implementation for other projects first, and plan out how you can tie in a new project to the current system if your company already has such processes in place.

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