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Types of EC2 Instances in AWS | AWS EC2 tutorial | AWS Cloud

This Edureka Live session on ‘Types of EC2 Instances in AWS’ will give a complete walkthrough of AWS EC2 service and tell you what are the various types of EC2 instances available and how instances work in AWS. Types of EC2 Instances in AWS | AWS EC2 tutorial | AWS Cloud | AWS CLI Tutorial

AWS Lambda — Launch EC2 Instances

There are a variety of situations where having a microservice available that can manage (Create, start, stop or terminate)EC2 instances at will can be handy.

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Amazon EC2 is a service that allows you businesses to run their application in AWS cloud. You can easily set up a virtual machine and perform all your computation on it. In this post, we will teach you the basics of Amazon EC2.

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Creating an EC2 Instance in AWS will help you learn one of the key AWS services called AWS EC2 and it also includes a demo on launching an AWS EC2 instance.This AWS EC2 tutorial is important for those who want to become AWS Certified Solutions Architect.