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What’s Event Sourcing?

Event Sourcing is a really useful concept that can help make your application more predictable, easier to maintain, and more performant. Let’s assume that we have already made the decision to use this technique in our brand new application. In the Event Sourcing, the state of a system is created based on a series of related events that happened in the past. The events are read-only are the only way to alter the state of a system.

The most common use cases of Event Sourcing are accounting and banking systems or shopping carts. Event Sourcing is a natural fit there for legal reasons or to better understand the behavior of customers. But it can be beneficial for much more than these ones. Let’s try something different then.

In chess, it is important to know what happened in a game and how it resulted in certain outcomes. We can analyze it, learn from it, and make sure that everything was played according to the rules. Sound like a good case for the usage of Event Sourcing. We could use some of the available libraries (such as Broadway or Prooph) but to understand better what is happening behind the scenes we will create everything from scratch.

Chess rules are quite complex and we will not implement those on our own for this project. We will rather reuse a very nice open-source implementation. To make things simpler, we will interact with the game through the command line.

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Preview of the beginning of a game between Magnus Carlsen and Jan Krzysztof Duda that ended Carlsen’s 125-game unbeaten streak.

We will cover only the most important parts of the application and not go into every detail. The full source code of the application is available here:

The brain of our application will be a ChessGame, the aggregate root that will be the only place in the system that can alter the situation on a chessboard and guard related business rules. We will be able to start a new game, make a move, or give up. Most of the chess games do not last to the checkmate so the latter can be very useful.

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What’s Event Sourcing?
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7 Tips for a Successful Live Event Coverage - Studio 52

Live events have been a growing trend in the events industry this past year, offering many businesses a much-needed lifeline. Read on for our simple tips to planning your virtual event

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How much does it cost to develop an app for the event planning business?

Event planning & management app is the generic term for a wide range of mobile app products that are used in the management of professional and academic conferences, trade exhibitions, conventions, and events such as Continuing Professional Development meetings.

Development Cost to build an Event Planning & Management App:

Based on the number of hours invested, features, and technologies involved, you can determine a rough estimate of Event Planning or Management app development cost. Cost depends on various factors such as follows.

• Basic & Advance Features

• Technology used

• Chosen Platform (iOS & Android)

• The Location of the app development center

• Mobile App complexity

• Numbers of hours invested in Project

The cost to create such an app can be as high as the number of integrated technologies. However, an app with basic features is certain to cost somewhere around $10,000 to $35,000 for single platforms (Android or iOS). If you want to make an app for various platforms then the cost will be vary based on features, location, development team, etc factors.

Best Event Planning & Management App Development Company:

Event Management apps streamline the entry process for events. Save your precious time for a smooth experience and devote time for more significant activities such as increasing revenue with a mobile app from AppClues Infotech, a top Events & Exhibitions App Development Company based in the USA and offer the best services across the world.

Save your time and money with their cost-effective mobile apps to easily collaborate with the participants of the events. Real-time chats help to carry out video conferencing with both the participants and the employees as well. Their mobile apps increase the efficiency of multiple events by sending important messages to the participants with a single click.

Offering services that make events successful:

  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Custom event schedule app development

Incorporate features that elevate experiences

  • Event creation
  • Event search
  • Event calendar
  • Ticket booking
  • Photo sharing
  • GPS
  • Push notification
  • Chatbot
  • Messaging
  • In-app payment
  • News & social feeds
  • In-app analytics

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How much does it cost to build a virtual event application in 2021?

A Brief about Virtual Events
After the Covid-19 virtual event trend rising and now the demand has more increased. Digital activities are events held online in their most simplistic sense. Virtual events use web-based platforms to connect thousands of people worldwide.

Virtual events can cover anything, including individual events, but generally, four kinds of virtual events are available: virtual conferences, webinars, hybrid internal & external events. Google Meet, Evia, Digitell, ON 24, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more are among the top virtual event platforms.

Cost to Build a Virtual Event Application in 2021
The development cost of the application mostly depends on the features of a mobile application. The approx cost to build a virtual event app between $20,000 to $50,000 for a single platform (Android & iOS). It may go high if you choose the advanced technology and features while developing.

Best Virtual Event App Development Company

AppClues Infotech is a pioneer in providing innovative & unique mobile app solutions that offer impressive results and can make things easier. If you are looking forward to creating an application that can host your virtual events and meetings without gathering your team in the office then you surely are in the right place.

Why Choose AppClues Infotech for Virtual Event App Development?

• Innovative Solutions
• Round the Clock Availability
• Latest Technology
• Experience in the Field
• On-Time Delivery

For more info:
Website: https://www.appcluesinfotech.com/
Email: info@appcluesinfotech.com
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Event Planning App Development

A manual search for ticket holders in an event leads to long queues and a delay in start time. This affects the credibility of the event management company. With an event management app, you can have seamless interactions; you can effortlessly communicate with event attendees. Also, event apps facilitate enhanced networking at events

Do you wish to have an event management app of your own?

DataIT Solutions are here to serve you with the best Event booking application for Android and iPhone. Having years of in-depth experience in mobile application development, we have been delivering the top class solutions for app development as per user prerequisites each time. Our mobile developers having all the skills to provide you a customized event application and can work on any kind of Mobile App Development for Event Booking.

What can you expect while you work with us for Mobile Event Mobile App Development?

  • Experienced Team of Web and Graphics Designers
  • Event App Development Team with rich exposure to Event Planning and Event Management App for iOS, Android, and other platforms
  • Consultative and Agile approach to Project Management
  • Cost-Effective and Custom Business Model to meet your Requirements
  • Effective tools of communication providing you detailed updates on every stage of your Project by your convenient mode of communication at your preferred time.

Excited to know more about the scope of your project? Send us an email for a free quote on Event Mobile App Development for your requirement to sales@dataitsolutions.com.

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Server-Sent Events Using Spring

Here we are going to discuss sending unidirectional asynchronous events to any web app using Spring. You can send unidirectional events using the SseEmitter class in Spring. There is already a popular solution available for sending bi-directional events using Websockets. Using WebSockets both server and clients can communicate with each other using bi-directional connections between client and server. SSE is only used for sending uni-directional events from the server to clients using the HTTP protocol.

Basic knowledge of Spring and java threading is required.

Steps involved in SSE ar:

  1. The client opens an HTTP connection
  2. The server can send any number of messages to this connection asynchronously
  3. The server can close a connection or it can be closed because of some network error or any exception at the server-side.
  4. In case the connection is closed because of any error from the server or any network error, the client will automatically try to re-connect


The server can send multiple events before closing the connection. Messages sent by the server should be text-based and the message starts with a keyword followed by a colon(:) and then a string message. ‘data’ is a keyword which represents a message for a client.

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