Submit a talk to KubeSummit 2021 India South Asia Virtual

Submit a talk to KubeSummit 2021 India South Asia Virtual

Submit a talk to KubeSummit 2021 India South Asia Virtual. Checkout the tracks and browse through the process details. We look forward to the submissions focusing on real-world case studies with some technical expertise.


KubeSummit 2021 brings together adopters, developers, and practitioners to collaborate virtually. It is also a venue to showcase and learn about what is happening across India with Kubernetes and Containers.

This post explains the submission criteria and process. Be aware of these milestones:

  • February 14 – Call for proposals closes
  • February 18 – Acceptance notifications sent
  • February 21 – Last date to submit session video content

What to expect after submissions

Most sessions will be pre-recorded and presented virtually during the event, other than Keynotes. Please check out the submission process and topics to understand the requirements for your proposal to be considered a successful submission.

  1. Once a submission is accepted, the speaker will be notified via mail and will be expected to share their slides and a 5 minute test video.
  2. Slides samples will be shared with accepted speakers.
  3. Speaker training will be required for accepted speakers.
  4. Details on how-to-record-a-video will be shared, which will have minimal requirements as supported by a speaker’s system. A system with camera(inbuilt for a laptop or external for desktops) is preferred.
  5. Once accepted speakers send in their recordings, it will go through quality checks to make sure it adhreres to the standards and then be uploaded on the platform for the event days.

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