How to write your first React.js component in a detailed way

How to write your first React.js component in a detailed way

Get useful insights about Component-based Architecture, React components & how to set up a React Project in web development from this post.

Hello learners. In this tutorial we will learn How to create a new React app. 

Before we begin, we need to understand few things. These tutorials are aimed for the aspiring and seasoned web developers & designer. 

If you are an aspiring web developer who wants to establish their career in React and other modern frontend technologies, these tutorials will provide you the basic understanding that you need to learn, rehearse and practice. And some additional links as a part of suggestive reading, which you can further dwell upon. 

As a lifelong learner, we need to be open to new ideas however they may challenge your beliefs at first. 

Technology is a work in progress. It composes of sections of stable parts which can be applied to solve the problem of our lives. And some sections which are the part of debate and undergoing experimentation and transformation by the pioneers who forged & nurture the systems. 

The cutting-edge technology tends to follow approximately the following adoption curve.

*Source: Crossing the Chasm (1990) -Author: Geoffrey Moore  *

*Technology Adoption Lifecycle *

As you can see, the curve is divided among 5 sections as categorized by the work of: 

  • Innovators 
  • Early adopters 
  • Early majority 
  • Late majority 
  • Laggards


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