GMAT Verbal Prep Course | Best Online Course for GMAT | Simpliv

GMAT Verbal Prep Course | Best Online Course for GMAT | Simpliv

The verbal section at GMAT requires good preparation and logic. This course will prepare you with the verbal skills that help you score well at this section. Comprehensive and rigorous, this course is aimed at giving you focus on what to expect at the GMAT Verbal section and know how to face it.

Description This is a comprehensive and rigorous course. It contains all the verbal content from the book GMAT Prep Course, so it is fully self-contained. You will not need to get any outside materials for the course.

Basic knowledge You should have basic college level verbal skills. The course is designed to improve those skills

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GRE Verbal Prep Course | Best Online GRE Prep Courses | Simpliv

Reading comprehension is a core area of GRE. Our GRE Verbal Prep course equips you with that all-important learning needed to succeed at GRE verbal. With sections such as pivotal words, text completions, sentence equivalence and many others, this course puts you on the road to GRE verbal.

TOEFL Prep Course | The Best TOEFL iBT Online Prep Course | Simpliv

How about a TOEFL iBT online prep course that comes with almost five hundred videos that offer a thorough review of TOEFL? This is how comprehensive this course is. This iBT course has everything that you need to understand for preparing for TOEFL iBT, with sections on writing, speaking, listening and reading.

GMAT Math Prep Course | Nova's GMAT Math Prep Course | Simpliv

Math being one of the super important sections of GMAT; take no chances. Start intense preparation through this course, derived from the 516-page book GMAT Math Prep Course. It has everything you would need to understand the way GMAT math is designed and is designed to help you score well.