The AWS Backup Best Practices For Your eCommerce Website

Cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are increasingly getting popular among e-commerce websites and web stores across the niches. Many leading e-commerce websites and stores are already using AWS platforms to their advantage. Even smaller web stores with the help of custom eCommerce solution services  are also gearing up to make their presence felt through cloud-based services. From Snapdeal to Amazon, every major player is already hooked up with cloud platforms and as the leading platform, AWS has the biggest share across enterprise websites and e-commerce stores.

Besides many other advantages that cloud platforms offer to websites and e-commerce stores, automated backup is one of the most important ones. AWS enjoys a clear edge over other cloud platforms thanks to its robust and pretty enterprise-minded backup automation tools. For example, the AWS EC2 backup comes as a very easy to use solution and is great for the servers as well as the client-side apps.

If you have an e-commerce store you already know the robust features of the AWS platform to transform your shopping experience. Implementing the automated backup feature of AWS requires knowing the building blocks of the process and corresponding stages. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS

The AWS backup feature actually integrates with EFS as a native feature, the I/O operations carried out by the AWS backup will not face the constraints of the mode limits of EFS. The best thing is, the automated backup even can help to transition the entire file system of EFS to a low-cost storage option.

  • Using AWS Backup with Other AWS Services

Apart from taking automated backup of the EFS files, the automated AWS Backup can also work great with multiple AWS services and protocols such as EBS, RDS, DynamoDB and Storage Gateway, the best thing is, using this automated backup option doesn’t require any additional cost. Your e-commerce store continues to pay the same to restore cost and snapshot storage for these services.

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The AWS Backup Best Practices For Your eCommerce Website
bindu singh

bindu singh


Procedure To Become An Air Hostess/Cabin Crew

Minimum educational required – 10+2 passed in any stream from a recognized board.

The age limit is 18 to 25 years. It may differ from one airline to another!


Physical and Medical standards –

  • Females must be 157 cm in height and males must be 170 cm in height (for males). This parameter may vary from one airline toward the next.
  • The candidate's body weight should be proportional to his or her height.
  • Candidates with blemish-free skin will have an advantage.
  • Physical fitness is required of the candidate.
  • Eyesight requirements: a minimum of 6/9 vision is required. Many airlines allow applicants to fix their vision to 20/20!
  • There should be no history of mental disease in the candidate's past.
  • The candidate should not have a significant cardiovascular condition.

You can become an air hostess if you meet certain criteria, such as a minimum educational level, an age limit, language ability, and physical characteristics.

As can be seen from the preceding information, a 10+2 pass is the minimal educational need for becoming an air hostess in India. So, if you have a 10+2 certificate from a recognized board, you are qualified to apply for an interview for air hostess positions!

You can still apply for this job if you have a higher qualification (such as a Bachelor's or Master's Degree).

So That I may recommend, joining Special Personality development courses, a learning gallery that offers aviation industry courses by AEROFLY INTERNATIONAL AVIATION ACADEMY in CHANDIGARH. They provide extra sessions included in the course and conduct the entire course in 6 months covering all topics at an affordable pricing structure. They pay particular attention to each and every aspirant and prepare them according to airline criteria. So be a part of it and give your aspirations So be a part of it and give your aspirations wings.

Read More:   Safety and Emergency Procedures of Aviation || Operations of Travel and Hospitality Management || Intellectual Language and Interview Training || Premiere Coaching For Retail and Mass Communication |Introductory Cosmetology and Tress Styling  ||  Aircraft Ground Personnel Competent Course

For more information:

Visit us at:

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Address:     Aerofly International Aviation Academy, SCO 68, 4th Floor, Sector 17-D,                            Chandigarh, Pin 160017 



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Best eCommerce Website Design Company USA | WebClues Infotech

eCommerce Website Design Company

The designs for an e-commerce website and a normal website vary greatly as they are both are developed to satisfy different search intents. So an e-commerce website should utilize the space carefully in a way it does not become crowded or there is no underutilization of space.

Want to design your e-commerce website from experts?

WebClues Infotech with its highly skilled, experienced, and large development team is the right agency to help you out with your e-commerce web design requirements. With a client base & offices worldwide WebClues Infotech has got the experience of working on all the continents of the planet.

Want to know more about our offerings in e-commerce website design?


Share your requirements

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Priyanka  Rawat

Priyanka Rawat


Best Practices for Effective E-Commerce Web Development

As per reports, the e-commerce sales for 2021 are estimated to be 18.1% of the entire retail sales across the world and are expected to rise to 22% by 2023. The e-commerce industry is thriving and is likely to become more popular in the coming days. However, your sales depend on the website’s user experience and if you mess it up, there are low chances of success.

Nevertheless, one can increase their chances of success by adopting best practices at the time of eCommerce website development. These practices will help them create a robust, secure, and engaging website that can lure customers.

Efficient eCommerce website development Tips

1. Keep your website design clutter-free

If you add too many elements to your eCommerce website, it can bring a negative impact on your site. Visitors may not find the right information at the right place and exit your site. To ensure that isn’t the case, you can –

Add plenty of white spaces between the content.
Structure content in long page format.
Use readable font type and size.
Don’t include inappropriate ads or ads closely placed to clickable buttons.
Make use of visual hierarchy to draw the user’s attention the right way.

2. Integrate a powerful search engine

If you are availing of eCommerce development services for the job, make sure you ask them to build a powerful search engine so that users can find the right products efficiently. Most users end up migrating to other online stores because they can’t find the product they are looking for. You need to make sure your search engine enables users to search for the right product even with minimal effort.

For instance, if the user has input incorrect spelling for a product or an alternative name, even then it should give the most related results. In addition, you need to allow users to search and sort the products based on various criteria or apply filters for searching. The best eCommerce platforms come with powerful search engines that can be easily integrated into your online store.

3. Present your products better

The users visit your eStore to purchase products or services and if you don’t provide the precise information about what they are buying, they won’t purchase it. The best eCommerce platforms let you add high-resolution images of products and its description. You need to present all product details along with the uses and benefits a user can expect.

4. Provide personalized experience

In eCommerce website development, the best practice is to provide customers with a personalized experience. For instance, they may like to see the recently viewed items or create a wishlist of their favorite products, etc. for a better purchasing experience. Moreover, when you avail of appropriate eCommerce development services, you will be able to provide your customers with a personalized experience.

5. Remind customers who abandon the shopping cart

The customers who abandon carts may complete the order at a later point in time. So, at the time of eCommerce website development, you will need to add a feature that reminds customers with abandoned carts to proceed with the order.

6. Write quality codes

The e-commerce site you build must use quality codes so that there are no security vulnerabilities. If you avail of eCommerce development services, then this concern is taken care of as the professional developers will write quality codes only. Even the best eCommerce platforms incorporate the practice of writing quality codes over the writing of cluttered or poor codes.

Mentioned above are a few tips to develop an eCommerce store efficiently. If you consider these factors while developing your online store, marketing it and presenting it in front of customers will be a piece of cake. Auxesis Infotech makes this job easier for you as the professional developers on the team help you create an intuitive and powerful eCommerce store.

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Priyanka  Rawat

Priyanka Rawat


Ways to Improve Your Online Store’s Customer Experience

If you own an online store, you must already be aware of the significance of customer experience for your brand. It can make or break your business even if you have excellent products and services to offer. Therefore, your eCommerce website development approach has a lot to do with the sales you achieve in the following days.

Now, if you are looking to improve your site’s customer experience, you must invest your time and efforts in improving your eCommerce website development strategy. Now, consumer experience begins the moment customers come in contact with your brand and even after they have made a purchase.

Typically, we have categorized customer experience into three parts for your better understanding. You can find out different ways to use eCommerce platforms efficiently for a better customer experience.

How To Improve Customer Experience?

1. Pre-purchase experience

The pre-purchase experience begins once the user comes in contact with your brand. He/she learns what the brand is all about, what product/services they can expect, and several other factors that help them decide if they want to purchase at all.

Here are some eCommerce website development tips that ensure you can improve your store’s consumer experience.

  • Conduct UX or design audit - The first thing your visitors come to see is your website’s design and that must communicate with them, for them to spend a little more time on your site. Therefore, make sure your eCommerce website design is on point and can appeal to your visitors. Use colors and design elements that are aesthetically pleasing to your audience section, make your site fast, responsive, and easy to navigate.

  • Customer surveys - What works for your eCommerce site and whatnot, it all comes down to the customer requirements. Concerning this, customer surveys have an important role as you can understand what your website lacks. You should be able to improve your eCommerce website development process sufficiently based on this.

  • Build robust product pages - The pre-purchase customer experience can be enhanced if your product page is designed accurately. Make sure you use high-definition images with zoom-in features, descriptive and unique product descriptions, product reviews, etc. Ensure all the important information is mentioned on the page itself so customers don’t have to search for it here and there.

2. Purchasing experience

This refers to the overall experience of a user on eCommerce platforms while exploring your products/ services and purchasing them. The checkout process, payment transactions, etc. are all part of the buying experience.

Here are a few eCommerce website design tips that can help you elevate your purchasing experience.

  • Use AR & VR - Incorporating techniques like augmented reality and virtual reality helps improve the customer experience for eCommerce platforms. It can significantly help during the purchasing process. For instance, if a customer is confused about how furniture would look in their home space, retail shopping sites can use virtual reality to show them a virtual version of the furniture in their room to aid in the purchasing experience.

  • Responsive management - Informing customers about their abandoned carts, notifying them about the ongoing sales and discounts, etc. are a few pointers of responsive management that can help in your eCommerce website development journey.

  • Multiple payment methods - Ensure to adapt multiple payment options so users can choose their preferred payment mode and purchase items.

3. Post-purchase experience

Even after the user has finished purchasing a product or service, the user experience they have on eCommerce platforms will determine whether or not they will turn into loyal customers.

To ensure that is the case, make sure your eCommerce website design communicates to them with the help of these tips mentioned below.

  • Supply chain management - Once the order is placed, you need to ensure the shipping and delivery are right and timely. This too is a crucial part of your eCommerce website development. So maybe, you can invest in an efficient backend tool that can help you manage the supply chain.

  • Machine learning or AI - If there’s a concern or query raised by a customer, you need to resolve it or answer it quickly to earn a loyal customer. Make sure to incorporate technologies like Artificial Intelligence to create automated chatbots that can improve your store’s customer experience.

Follow these tips to create a powerful eCommerce store and ensure your customers have the best experience ever. Furthermore, make sure to avail the best help so you can achieve it more effortlessly. Auxesis Infotech might aid you in this purpose and help you create a powerful eCommerce website design that elevates customer experience greatly.

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wp codevo


Responsive Ecommerce Website Using HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT

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