Kian Wallace

Kian Wallace


What is the JAMstack?

In this video, I’ll not only explain what the JAMstack is (JAMstack explained), but we’ll actually build a sample application with Hugo and Netlify to demonstrate how the JAMstack process works (JAMstack in practice).

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What is the JAMstack?
Landen  Brown

Landen Brown


Up and running with JAMstack CMS

Learn about how to get up and running with JAMstack CMS in this 25 minute video capture from the live stream.

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Reid  Rohan

Reid Rohan


What is JAMstack?

What JAMstack is and why it is so popular

JAMstack in simple terms is an acronym that stands for JavaScript APIs **Markup **and Stack.

Stack in this case denotes the technologies used to build a certain technology.

According to, it denotes that “JAMstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It builds on many of the tools and workflows which developers love and which bring maximum productivity.”

I guess you have once in a while heard about it and wondered what JAMstack is. In this article, we are going to discuss JAMstack and related topics around it including its importance.


JavaScript is commonly the most popularized in the JAMstack. With many frameworks such as Angular, vue, Svelte, React, Ember just but to mention a few.

These frameworks enable the building of application much simpler and faster.

They provide amazing tooling and a huge pool of resources to get started and master them.

These frameworks also organize the application workflow making it easier to write both HTML, CSS and JavaScript into a single source file.


Application programming interfaces (APIs) are very essential in JAMstack. They provide the core process of communication and relation between server requests with JavaScript. These may include authentication and communication with the database.

Similarly, APIs are very essential in making a JAMstack application dynamic.

APIs provides easy communication between services while enabling an entire user experience of your application.

Take for instance algolia (search functionality) and the Vue framework working together in an application to enable easy search functionality in an application.

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Rohit Kalyania

Rohit Kalyania


What is JAMstack!

Hey internet and welcome to another one of my explainer videos, in which we are going to demystify JAMStack. What it is, why to use it and it’s evolution over time.

In this video we discuss the technologies and services that can potentially be used in the JAMstack. This involves @Netlify @DataStax and so many more!

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What Is The Jamstack?

What Is The Jamstack?

In this video, we will look at what the JAMstack entails

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The Future of the Jamstack

Cassidy Williams joins to talk about Developer Relations, the Jamstack, and life!

00:00 - Guest and topic introduction
01:05 - DevRel "then vs. now" & its benefits
02:46 - "How would you define Jamstack?"
06:33 - Vite - revolution or evolution of tooling?
09:16 - Jamstack's "circle of life" and flexibility
11:07 - A word about Remix framework
16:19 - The reason behind Vite's speed
17:54 - The more tools the better - the way to go?
20:10 - "Do we over-engineer our apps?"
25:30 - Why we should share and build our ideas
28:55 - Digression about TV shows
31:27 - Jamstack tech to look out for
34:10 - Potential use-cases of Astro
37:02 - Philadelphia vs. Memphis tangent
39:37 - "When did you meet your coworkers?"
41:00 - Cassidy's height and the Lucy movie
44:30 - Wrap-up