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A User Experience Guide to Clubhouse, and the emergence of Audio as a Platform

What is Clubhouse?

The most talked about startup of early 2020 is Clubhouse, an audio-based social network where people can spontaneously jump into voice chat rooms together. You see the unlabeled rooms of all the people you follow, and you can join to talk or just listen along, milling around to find what interests you.

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A single, black and white image of a human face, sets the tone for Clubhouse, giving it a unique vibe not found elsewhere on the App Store.

An iOS and mostly AirPods exclusive experience, Clubhouse brings a combination of live-streaming and podcasting to a select group of already-popular influencers, mostly in the startup and tech community.

Clubhouse centers around individuals, most of whom have done something remarkable or noteworthy. They represent existing cults of personality (at least, in a more humble, silicon valley form), typically with tens of thousands of Twitter followers, and a pre-built audience.

You notice this when you sign in to the app, and view a list of rooms, centered not around topics, but individual influencers. A Room is defined by who is currently speaking. So, you may receive a notification to join a room where Sahil, Drew, and Tyler are speaking. No profile pages, or lengthy explanations as to who’s here. Either you’re in the know, or you aren’t.

Novel User Interaction, or just Phone Calls?

From a bare-bones user interaction point-of-view, Clubhouse shouldn’t be unique. It’s a group call. iOS supports this natively. As does WhatsApp, FaceTime, Discord, and a countless number of community chat platforms.

But what makes a phone call toxic in 2020, and Clubhouse refreshing?

This boils down to community, curation, and interaction.

Why Voice Works

Video Calls have glued us to our seats. Mobile apps may exist for Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet — but the culture that developed around using these apps in an office setting is preventing us from using them casually.

Moving from our MacBooks to our phones and AirPods, gives us mobility. Removing video reduces friction, and removes the need to “prep for a call”, giving us more flexibility to decide how to hang out with others.

Simply put, adding video introduces more friction to the call experience than it’s worth. Clubhouse introduces a new mode of interaction that can be more spontaneous, casual, and frequent than a Zoom call.

Clubhouse Onboarding

From the article (Inside the Clubhouse), we can put together an onboarding flow, and understand the basic mechanics of how Clubhouse might work.

An invite-only community, it seems like each invitation is a planned event, scheduled in advance. New users receive a TestFlight link, and are welcomed personally by the app’s creator, who explains how the app works.

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Onboarding Flow for Clubhouse. Profile creation steps are assumed.

Since new users are mostly in the same time zone, it is possible the app’s creator receives a notification each time a user downloads the app. Since the user is asked to add a profile photo and enter their real name, this gives the creator a few minutes to intercept the user, and onboard them personally

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A User Experience Guide to Clubhouse, and the emergence of Audio as a Platform

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Offer glitch-free audio chats for users with an attractive app like Clubhouse

Captivate the social media world by hiring AppDupe for creative Clubhouse clone app development. Users can establish or join any number of Clubs and Rooms on the online platform. Content creators and hosts will also receive payments for their work. Moderators take care of all the discussions on the audio chat app. Become the number one audio-based chatting platform in the world by curating an astonishing app like Clubhouse.

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Facebooking is Working on its Clubhouse Clone: Get An Audio-Based Social Networking App

Hey! Did you come across a piece of breaking news on the Clubhouse app making rounds on the internet? I am sure that you would not have missed it out. However, in this blog, we shall discuss the Clubhouse app and its recent eminence.

The Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform. The app is great for those who love podcasts. Users can create live podcasts or join podcasts created by other users. Let us dig into the topic and get the ultimate essence in the upcoming sections. Ready?

Why Is The Clubhouse App Gaining All The Attention?

People get attracted to strange things. And so are we. Since the Clubhouse app is a podcast based platform, users started paying heed to the app. Recently, Elon Musk’s tweet triggered business giants and common people to rush towards the Clubhouse app. What was the tweet all about?

“On Clubhouse tonight at 10 pm LA time”- this tweet jacked-up curiosity among users. The app faced a sharp spike in the number of users when Elon Musk appeared to be one of the podcast show participants. This clarifies that business magnates like Elon Musk are interested in joining the audio-based platform and sharing views on different topics.

The entry of Elon Musk is definitely a great recognition for the app. This incident clearly portrays that when a business model is unique, it can attract any number of users within a while.

Do People Love Podcasts? – Here Is All You Need To Know

As said earlier, people always show patronage for unique offerings. The podcast-based apps gain all the attention in that sequence since it is different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let me justify whether users love podcast-based apps or not.

  • The number of active podcast listeners is 850,000, and there are more than 30 million podcast episodes.
  • A survey reveals that more than half of the podcast listeners in the U.S. are above the age of 12.
  • An average of 82% of users spend seven hours per week listening to podcasts.

These statistics will give you a cue on the growing demand for podcasts. Next, let us analyze the rationale behind people showing an affinity for podcasts.

Books Over Podcasts – Podcasts!

Books are a treasure for acquiring knowledge, yet podcasts have become people’s favorite. But, why? Here are the reasons why people love podcasts over books.

  • With live podcasts, users can indulge in multitasking. Plug on the earphones, and carry out any work!
  • Podcasts are more engaging than reading blogs or other formats of content.
  • Users can save the podcasts or download them for future reference.
  • Clubhouse-like apps translate podcasts in different languages so that language is not a barrier to acquiring knowledge.
  • Currently, organizations are launching podcasts as they are more flexible for employees.

Another Big Thing! – Facebook Plans To Launch Clubhouse Clone

The audio-based Clubhouse app has gained the attention of Mark Zuckerberg. Yes! Like how Facebook was attracted by WhatsApp and acquired it, a similar case is about to happen. Facebook has officially started developing the Clubhouse app and is expected to launch it any time soon. As a flip, the company may even end up acquiring Clubhouse.

Aren’t you impressed with how Clubhouse has gained fame within a few months of its launch? If you are looking to develop a replica of the Clubhouse app, then we have got one for you!

At Appdupe, we keep pace with the app development industry and develop trending app development solutions. Likewise, we are all set with our Clubhouse clone that business persons like you will love to launch.

Well, with this, we will move on to know how the app works. Shall we?

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Clubhouse Clone : Disrupt the social media world by launching an app like Clubhouse

Clubhouse recently crossed 2 million Android users within just a few days after its launch last month. Users are utilizing the popular audio based social media app both for aggressive discussions and passive listening. Clubhouse Rooms are filled with voice chats about business, entertainment, fashion, politics, sports, stand-up comedy, technology, and much more.

How is Clubhouse planning to grow in the market?

It will enhance its search and filter option in the future. This helps users to discover their favourite content creators and hosts quickly. Clubhouse will have a general release in the upcoming months. Hence, everyone can use it without having an invitation.

The online platform will also roll out its new features like the history of speakers whom the user has listened to, sharing of bell-themed notifications when there is a start of a new discussion or an event, showing a list of people who tipped a content creator, suggested people to follow, tagging of profiles in the bio, and topic suggestions.

This will enable Clubhouse to take on giants like Discord, Facebook Hotline, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Spotify, Telegram, and Twitter Spaces.
Entrepreneurs aiming to become the king of the social media industry can build an awesome app like Clubhouse by getting AppDupe’s services. We have a talented team of marketing specialists and mobile app developers. We create smoothly operating Android and iOS apps for content creators, hosts, moderators, podcasters, and users.

We also provide a modern web panel to share new updates and an advanced admin dashboard to control the day-to-day business activities.

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How To Create User-Generated Content? [A Simple Guide To Grow Your Brand]

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In this digital world, online businesses aspire to catch the attention of users in a modern and smarter way. To achieve it, they need to traverse through new approaches. Here comes to spotlight is the user-generated content or UGC.

What is user-generated content?
“ It is the content by users for users.”

Generally, the UGC is the unbiased content created and published by the brand users, social media followers, fans, and influencers that highlight their experiences with the products or services. User-generated content has superseded other marketing trends and fallen into the advertising feeds of brands. Today, more than 86 percent of companies use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy.

In this article, we have explained the ten best ideas to create wonderful user-generated content for your brand. Let’s start without any further ado.

  1. Content From Social Media Platforms
    In the year 2020, there are 3.81 million people actively using social media around the globe. That is the reason social media content matters. Whenever users look at the content on social media that is posted by an individual, then they may be influenced by their content. Perhaps, it can be used to gain more customers or followers on your social media platforms.

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Generally, social media platforms help the brand to generate content for your users. Any user content that promotes your brand on the social media platform is the user-generated content for your business. When users create and share content on social media, they get 28% higher engagement than a standard company post.

Furthermore, you can embed your social media feed on your website also. you can use the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin that will integrate various social media feeds from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. With this plugin, you can create a responsive wall on your WordPress website or blog in a few minutes. In addition to this, the plugin also provides more than 40 customization options to make your social stream feeds more attractive.

  1. Consumer Survey
    The customer survey provides powerful insights you need to make a better decision for your business. Moreover, it is great user-generated content that is useful for identifying unhappy consumers and those who like your product or service.

In general, surveys can be used to figure out attitudes, reactions, to evaluate customer satisfaction, estimate their opinions about different problems. Another benefit of customer surveys is that collecting outcomes can be quick. Within a few minutes, you can design and load a customer feedback survey and send it to your customers for their response. From the customer survey data, you can find your strengths, weaknesses, and get the right way to improve them to gain more customers.

  1. Run Contests
    A contest is a wonderful way to increase awareness about a product or service. Contest not just helps you to enhance the volume of user-generated content submissions, but they also help increase their quality. However, when you create a contest, it is important to keep things as simple as possible.

Additionally, it is the best way to convert your brand leads to valuable customers. The key to running a successful contest is to make sure that the reward is fair enough to motivate your participation. If the product is relevant to your participant, then chances are they were looking for it in the first place, and giving it to them for free just made you move forward ahead of your competitors. They will most likely purchase more if your product or service satisfies them.

Furthermore, running contests also improve the customer-brand relationship and allows more people to participate in it. It will drive a real result for your online business. If your WordPress website has Google Analytics, then track contest page visits, referral traffic, other website traffic, and many more.

  1. Review And Testimonials
    Customer reviews are a popular user-generated content strategy. One research found that around 68% of customers must see at least four reviews before trusting a brand. And, approximately 40 percent of consumers will stop using a business after they read negative reviews.

The business reviews help your consumers to make a buying decision without any hurdle. While you may decide to remove all the negative reviews about your business, those are still valuable user-generated content that provides honest opinions from real users. Customer feedback can help you with what needs to be improved with your products or services. This thing is not only beneficial to the next customer but your business as a whole.

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Reviews are powerful as the platform they are built upon. That is the reason it is important to gather reviews from third-party review websites like Google review, Facebook review, and many more, or direct reviews on a website. It is the most vital form of feedback that can help brands grow globally and motivate audience interactions.

However, you can also invite your customers to share their unique or successful testimonials. It is a great way to display your products while inspiring others to purchase from your website.

  1. Video Content
    A great video is a video that is enjoyed by visitors. These different types of videos, such as 360-degree product videos, product demo videos, animated videos, and corporate videos. The Facebook study has demonstrated that users spend 3x more time watching live videos than normal videos. With the live video, you can get more user-created content.

Moreover, Instagram videos create around 3x more comments rather than Instagram photo posts. Instagram videos generally include short videos posted by real customers on Instagram with the tag of a particular brand. Brands can repost the stories as user-generated content to engage more audiences and create valid promotions on social media.

Similarly, imagine you are browsing a YouTube channel, and you look at a brand being supported by some authentic customers through a small video. So, it will catch your attention. With the videos, they can tell you about the branded products, especially the unboxing videos displaying all the inside products and how well it works for them. That type of video is enough to create a sense of desire in the consumers.

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Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience!!

In terms of UX design, the use of proper visual elements is incredibly important. So, how can you implement great visual elements in accordance with the principles of good UX design? We at AppClues Infotech talk about that right here.

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