Working With ORMs Using Entity Developer

Working With ORMs Using Entity Developer

In this article we’ll take advantage of Entity Developer to connect to and work with various ORM tools such as, EF Core, NHibernate, Telerik Data Access and LinqConnect. This article starts with a brief discussion on what ORMs are, why Entity Developer is useful, and how you can leverage Entity Developer to connect to and work with all these ORMs.

Typically, an application has two perspectives, such as the Data Model and the Object Model. While the former is used to define how data would be stored in the database, the latter is used to represent the data in the presentation layer. However, the data model that resides in the database usually doesn't match with the object model, i.e., how the data is represented in the user interface layer. Here's where ORMs come to the rescue!

An Object Relational Mapper (i.e., an ORM, O/RM, and O/R mapping tool) is a framework that enables the data model in your database to be mapped with the objects in your applications and vice-versa while abstracting the object model from its relational or logical model.

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