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How To Develop A Job Portal App Like Snagajob? Cost, Features, And More!

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Unlike old-fashioned time’s flip telephones that you could practice only to make calls or text, now smartphones come in convenient from wasting time to do any dangerous assignments like hunting for a job. It’s not a brand unique app design, but still, there are immersive spots possible serving for administrators like you to investigate.

Snagajob is separate from other world-famous online job openings like Indeed and CareerBuilder. Hire flutter app developers to create apps like Naukari. They provide job seekers to practice for jobs and businesses to hire them on an hourly basis. Their website states there are 100 million certified job seekers and 700k managers with various openings beyond the US and Canada.

Unquestionably, it reaped a notable point for Snagajob to get this long way as it was propelled when smartphones were not ubiquitous. On the opposite, today, 86% of job seekers practice job-research apps on their smartphones. Job applicants feel empowered as they can explore for jobs at any point, obtain signals, practice accurately away, and follow application situations.

How To Create a Job Portal App Like Snagajob?

Business to Business (B2B)

In the B2B model, you granted several corporate organizations, from little to big range situations, to improve ability on your portal. This recruitment assistance may include posting a number of specifications, entrance to reopen database, SMS, and email selling from the portal, etcetera. Hire react native developers to design and develop such kinds of apps.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

With a B2C model, you endeavor basically to reward job-related assistance for job applicants. From fixing up a profile, resume uploading, to appealing for definitely full-time or part-time jobs, characteristics can be granted free. Concurrently, enhanced profile distinctness and obtaining job alerts at frequent periods by SMS and emails can be offered via prime membership.

How To Make Money With Job Portal Apps

Featured Listing

It’s one of the extensively utilized and employer-favoring monetization methods. You imposed a determined amount from employers to post their job demands on your homepage. Since contestants understand their obligations first when they begin your app, they become more inclined to demand the equivalent.

Premium Membership

Marketing prime associations or agreements is an honest approach that appears in recurring revenue. Primary job openings store some advantages to accommodate and captivate premium members. You can contribute periodically and seasonal subscriptions and/or distribute these associations with various characteristics set.

Job Posting

Related to multiple job portals, you can also attempt several job posts available. And then require based on the plan recruiters investment on the portal.

Common Features that Should be Present in Job Portal App

  • Job Seeker Panel
  • Social Sign Up and Login
  • Resume Management
  • Profile Management
  • Hire Resume Writing Service
  • Send Resume
  • Video Resume Creation
  • Schedule interviews via video conferencing
  • Push notifications for Job Alerts
  • Bookmark Jobs and Employers

Recruitment Panel

  • Sign Up/ Login via email
  • Job Creation/Posting/Editing
  • Email prospects
  • Filter Resumes and Download
  • Send job Invites
  • Payment for Subscription Plans

Admin Panel

  • Manage Job Ads
  • Manage Candidate Profiles
  • Package Management
  • Content Management System
  • Recruiter/Employer Profile Management
  • Invitations
  • Role Management
  • Job Seeker and Employer Data Reports
  • Generate Reports for earnings

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Job Portal App Like SNAGAJOB?

The initial thing is, for job portal app development like Snagajob, you need a full-fledged adequate app development team. You can also hire or outsource your project from an On-demand App Development Company. Whichever choice you want, make sure your team includes;

Project Manager
UI/UX Designers
Android and iOS App Developers
Backend Developers
Testers and QA Professionals

The cost of job portal app development differs depending on the developing company you hire or create your contract in-house. Given that, development organizations either impose hourly or a fixed amount as per the commitment model you opt for. In opposition, if you hire developers in-house, you spend a regular salary.

Final Lines

On that record, a guide on how to build a job portal app concludes here. We went by business models, income models, important app features, and technology stack with the organization you need for the project. The manner of creating a mobile app is separate from theory to thought. We at Orbit Edge investigate your app idea and follow the development and mobile plan method towards achieving the business goals. We also have expertise in real estate app development, social media, and dating app development services.
For any additional inquiry or to know penetrations about our development policies, get in touch with our specialist.

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