4 Books to Help You Become a Seasoned Python Programmer

4 Books to Help You Become a Seasoned Python Programmer

A review of some of the best Python books. In this article, I’d like to share four Python books that I find to be more useful than others.

I know, I know. The internet has been around for many years, so why on earth are there people who still want to read books? There are tons of free resources online. Who is “stupid” enough to pay $30-40 or even more to buy a book on programming?

I’m one of the “stupid” people who have bought many books on Python to improve my coding skills, and they have benefited my work as a scientist whose job has lots of coding requirements.

In this article, I’d like to share four Python books that I find to be more useful than others.

Disclaimer: I’m providing Amazon links to these books for your convenience. They’re not affiliate links and I have no conflicts of interest to declare. The discussion of these books is solely based on my personal learning experience.

1. Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes

This book is a great primer for you if you have little or no programming background. In other words, if Python is the first programming language that you’re learning, it’s the book that you can get started with.

The first part of this book covers the basic elements of Python:

  • Coding tools — Installation and a test drive of writing a “Hello, World!” Python script.
  • Data structures — Overview of data types. A focus on lists, dictionaries, and their related usages.
  • Logic flows — Discussion of the if statements and for and while loops.
  • Functions and classes — Basic elements of Python functions and classes.
  • Files and exceptions — How to deal with files and handle exceptions during coding and execution time.

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