Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison | DAXX analysis

Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison | DAXX analysis

For example, if you hire offshore developers in Eastern Europe, offshore rates will be $25-$50 / hour. With an outstaffing model, the outsourcing rates will be lower.

*When it comes to offshore software development, nearly 75% of companies outsource their IT services to offshore developers. But what makes offshore software development so attractive? Among the endless benefits of offshore software development, you have the chance to hire offshore developers in order to optimize all web and mobile development expenses you have. By hiring an offshore developer, you are delegating all the engineering functions and tasks you need finished to offshore programmers. *

Why Do You Need Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is designating and handing over all engineering functions to offshore programmers. By getting offshore developers, you can cut your production cost without having to compromise the quality of the web and mobile development. There are many reasons and benefits why people decide to outsource their IT sectors. Some of the main benefits that offshore software development offers are:

● Saves money ● Improves flexible use of resources ● Improves innovation ● Gives access to unique skills that you might not find ● Adds scale to the organization

If you take into account that the average senior developer rate is $60 per hour in the US and $35 per hour in Ukraine, you can see that you can get an offshore developer with the same knowledge and experience for almost half the price. So, what is the offshore development pricing you can expect?

Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison Between Different Countries

The offshore developer rates differ from country to country, but with offshore software development, the quality doesn’t. There are many opportunities and people looking for work outside the US that can offer the same quality at a much lower IT hourly rate. In Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, you can find a developer for $25-$50 per hour.

If you go a bit closer to the US, the rates in Latin American countries like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru are $30-$50. Asian countries like the Philippines, India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal and African countries like Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa have rates around $18-$40 per hour for any type of web or app development. Software Development Rates

Offshore Developer Rates in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is considered to be a medium between high-quality services and low rates. The region is full of software developers with a lot of knowledge and experience that can finish the job on time and cut your costs in half. With a ratio of 1.3 developers per 100 people, Eastern Europe has become an interesting destination for outsourcing software development. When hiring a developer in Eastern Europe, you need to look at the offshore software development rates comparison for each country. On average, the offshore software development rates per hour are $25 for a junior developer and $50 for a senior software engineer in Eastern Europe, but it ultimately depends on the country. If you look for Ukraine developer rates, they will be lower than those in Poland but higher than those in countries like Croatia and Serbia.

Software Development Rates in Asia

When it comes to offshore developer rates in Asia, you can expect the hourly rate to be around $18 for a junior and $25 for a senior developer. There are some big Asian tech hubs where the rate can go as high as $30 or $40, but the rate is still lower than most rates in Europe and the US. With around 5 million developers each, China and India are considered the main Asian tech hubs. Other parts of Asia are growing and starting to have similar rates. But there are still plenty of places in Asia where you can cut your cost and fin low offshore development rates - but at the price of poor quality. With their improper work conditions and time zones disparities, you can expect decreased quality.

Offshore Software Development Rates in Latin America

Due to its geographical proximity and time zone overlap, Latin America has become the most popular destination for US companies to find their offshore developers. With offshore pricing for development in Latin America, developers in countries like Mexico, Brasil, and Argentina will cost you around $30 if you hire a junior and $50 if you get a senior developer. Rates in Latin America are still considerably lower than in the US, which is why most companies decide to find their IT services here.

Software Development Hourly Rates in Africa

Since there is not a high number of developers and software engineers in Africa, their rates differ than other offshore places. Rates for junior developers in Africa are around $20 or less, while seniors have rates of approximately $40.

Should You Try Offshore Software Development?

Hiring a developer offshore is not difficult or something to be afraid of. Today, most companies outsource their IT departments to Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa to cut down their costs and focus on developing a great project. With any offshore development, you can get high-quality service at a lower rate than you would with an in-house development team.

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