Angularjs vs Angular in 2020 - when and how to migrate your app?

Angularjs vs Angular in 2020 - when and how to migrate your app?

Should you migrate from AngularJS to Angular? Read our case study of how we used the hybrid approach to migrate an app without freezing its functionality.

Getting into a project based on AngularJS in its 1.4 version is not the most exciting thing that can happen to a programmer in 2020. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior front-end developer or a senior engineer—working with AngularJS simply feels like 2014 all over again (which feels like an eternity ago in JavaScript years).

Lately we were approached by a client who intended to migrate to the latest version of Angular. 

Now THIS was something.

Our team was quite excited by this perspective. Working with the most cutting-edge tools and technologies is always an opportunity to grow as professionals and to dive into all the latest tech solutions which is just pure fun.

We do prefer to start projects from scratch and choose the setup and technology that suits our liking and project requirements. But that wasn’t the case this time around. We had to keep building upon the existing AngularJS application for a few months and work on fixing bugs at the same time.

The reasons were obvious: the application’s end users expected new features as well as performance improvements.

We decided on incremental refactoring using a “hybrid” approach. And below you’ll find an outline of what exactly went into the process hiding behind the popular buzzword.

 Hybrid Approach Using AngularJS and Angular

First, let’s back up a little.

To reconcile app expansion with fixing bugs, we decided that half of the project's frontend team would work on new features and the other half would migrate the old components to the new framework. At this point, we needed to deal with three critical aspects:

  • the process had to be incremental and we had to work through component after component, service after service, and so on.
  • the application couldn’t stay frozen during the migration process as we needed to deliver new features
  • most importantly, no new features would be developed using legacy code.

Running two frameworks side by side sounded like a solution. The migration could be done collaboratively and spread over time—it seemed like a win-win situation!

There are some viable alternatives to AngularJS, but we ultimately chose Angular as the heir apparent. Unanimously. The decision was driven primarily by Angular’s official support of the “ngUpgrade” module and its stellar documentation.

The transition was even easier because of TypeScript—it has been doing a great job in the current tech stack up to that point and would work well with modern Angular, too.

The migration process was not all roses though. Below, we’ll share some of the experiences of the process and provide a handful of working solutions that helped us through. Hopefully you’ll find it useful when migrating your app from AngularJS to Angular.

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