Microsoft Announces 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft Announces 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming Visual 2022 will finally be 64-bit. VS2022 will have full support for the upcoming .NET 6, C++20, ASP.NET Blazor, and .NET MAUI. The first preview release of VS2022 is scheduled for third quarter 2021.

Microsoft’s Amanda Silver has announced that the company will be releasing the first preview of Visual Studio 2022 this summer (2021Q3). This latest version of the long-standing tool will be fully 64-bit, and is featuring improved collaboration tools and support for the upcoming .NET 6 as well as the latest C++20 keywords and functionality.

_The move to a fully 64-bit editor is one that has been requested by developers for quite some time, dating back to at least _VS2010. Those who develop large solutions were increasingly hitting the memory limitations imposed by a 32-bit editor—as it is not just a developer’s code which impacts the editor’s memory usage it is also the language services powering IntelliSense and other supporting editor functions.

Collaboration and tighter integrating with development teams is a big focus of VS2022. LiveShare debuted in VS2017, and provided developers the ability to work together on the same solution. While it could benefit pair programming and other scenarios, it did not provide for communication within Visual Studio. Now developers can use text chat within VS2022 while conducting a LiveShare session so an external tool is not required for communication. Silver notes that organizations concerned about security can utilize session policies to ensure LiveShare follows the appropriate internal compliance policies.

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