Cloud Technology Is The Underdog Of The Tech World

Cloud Technology Is The Underdog Of The Tech World

Cloud Technology Is The Underdog Of The Tech World. Cloud technology is bringing major changes to businesses like improved efficiency, cost savings, and flexible business operations.

Industries need to realize the true power of cloud technology.

Cloud technology is changing the world, without the spotlight. Currently, as the world is dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, this technology is enabling the rapid development of covid-19 vaccines that are giving people hope to fight through this tough time. One of the leading vaccine development pharmaceutical companies, Moderna, was able to deliver its first clinical trial batch despite it being a smaller company than many pharma giants. How was that possible? By building and scaling its operations on the cloud. Moderna accomplished this in just 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus. They invented proprietary cloud-based technologies and methods to generate mRNA constructs that cells recognize because they mimic the cells generated in the body.

Moderna also uses cloud technology to increase its efficiency across manufacturing, inventory management, accounting departments, and to transfer its digital manufacturing model onto partner facilities that help in rapid vaccine production.

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