#3 Real time Data With Meteor - Full Stack Reactive Meteor and Svelte

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Meteor & Svelte - Building Full-Stack Reactive Web Applications - 05: Deleting Data

In the last episode we’ve added a form to our Issues List application, so that it is possible to create new issue data. This time we’re adding another capability to our Meteor and Svelte application: deleting data.

Applications Of Data Science On 3D Imagery Data

The agenda of the talk included an introduction to 3D data, its applications and case studies, 3D data alignment and more.

Data Quality Testing Skills Needed For Data Integration Projects

Data Quality Testing Skills Needed For Data Integration Projects. Data integration projects fail for many reasons. Risks can be mitigated when well-trained testers deliver support. Here are some recommended testing skills.

Data Lakes Are Not Just For Big Data - DZone Big Data

A data expert discusses the three different types of data lakes and how data lakes can be used with data sets not considered 'big data.'