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Blockchain and AI, the perfect sum for the decentralization of the Web

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have become the perfect combination to keep the decentralization of projects developed on Web3 at bay.


Both are technologies that, although they may seem new and highly innovative, their most basic development principles have a long history in the history of computing. The foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies dates back 30 years to eCash, an idea from 1983 attributed to David Chaum . The foundations of AI are much older. They date back to 1943, when Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts presented the model of artificial neurons. They paving the way for what we now call Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain, AI and Web3

It is hard to believe that ideas developed so many years ago are now part of that innovative and revolutionary stack launchpad development company that is being developed all over the world. With creations such as those powered by OpenAI , the well-known GPT-3, Dall-E, Codex or more open-source ideas, such as Stable-Diffusion , it seems clear that AI is reaching an impressively fast level of development. This entails other more industrial and professional uses, such as GitHub Copilot or the AI ​​solutions that Tesla and other car manufacturers are beginning to implement in their autonomous driving models.

The same happens in the Hollywood industry, which has even more powerful tools for the production of special effects. Possibly, the smartphone you are reading this article on also has AI capabilities that you use every time you unlock it with your face or take a selfie with your friends or family.

AI is reaching everywhere, because this technology has applications in almost every area that we can imagine. But what about blockchain? Those who believe that they may be falling behind due to the crypto winter, nothing is further from the truth. As the cypherpunks say: “developers write code”. And that is what many blockchain projects are doing: coding and trying to create the next disruptive iteration of this technology, where AI is starting to play a major role.

Customize web services

If there is a point where blockchain and AI go hand in hand, it is in Web3. The need to customize Web services and tailor them to the needs of their users typically passes through centralized data centers that analyze the information and “serve what the user wants.” It is a model that has been with us since Web2 and remains strong because it works very well. The only problem is that your data is in the hands of third parties who generally care very little about your privacy.

Facing this problem from Web3 is quite a challenge. Above all, if we want to maintain the decentralization of services. That’s where the AI ​​comes into action. Not only to add the semantic part (the ability to adapt to what you are looking for and want) but to do it in a decentralized and private way. Of course, it does not only apply to Web3, since this duo of technologies can be used in products of different kinds, as is the case today.

For example, smart contract auditing giant CertiK uses the power of blockchain and AI within its SkyTrace product . This compliance-focused development allows exchanges to comply with the rigorous regulations that apply to KYC/AML within their operations, thus avoiding the risks associated with certain activities within their wallets and services.

Markets and trends

Another development is Numerai . It is a Data Science type project that uses the power of AI to analyze the development and evolution of blockchain markets. Its power, although dedicated to the study of markets, can also be directed to the analysis of trends and behaviors within the blockchain. The goal would be to predict user needs or behaviors within decentralized applications (DApps),and launchpad development service to personalize experiences.

A fusion with many possibilities

The two examples above are just a few business use cases for this technology, but there are many others. Projects like Fetch.AI are an example that there are still many possibilities to explore of everything that can be done with blockchain and AI. But the fusion of both technologies would also allow such interesting things as:

The use of AI models capable of reviewing user history in a personalized and private way, obtaining information and providing a unique Web3 experience. In this way, users would go from being mere consumers to being part of the consumption experience and content creation. This is vital for Web3, where users become not only creators, but owners of their data and experiences at all times.
Another great use of AI in Web3 is to allow new media that generate long-term sustainability of projects. At this point, launchpad development AI can enable you to create and unlock new value from the content you create and the creativity and intellect you use to create it. In this way, new forms of sustainability and generation of value and utility are generated, both for the project and for the user himself.
Finally, AI would make it possible to move from a unidirectional mass consumption model, where creators generate content and the audience consumes, to one of greater interaction. A model where creators and their communities have their own platform and can interact, share and create content together.

New AI models

Of course, the possibilities not only concern the construction of Web3, but also serve to develop new AI models that take advantage of the potential of decentralized computing networks, such as blockchain networks. In this case, the development potential of AI would be enormous and democratizing. It would allow anyone with access to such networks to develop AI-powered applications, leading to a substantial improvement in global technological development.

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Blockchain and AI, the perfect sum for the decentralization of the Web

5 Blockchain Applications That Have Transformed the World of Technology

The blockchain is the decentralized database of the blocks of information, which gets recorded in the chain format and linked in a secured crypto graphical manner. This technology ensures proper safety of the data due to its secure nature, and it totally changes how people carry out transactions. It also brings about a faster and secure process of validating information needed to establish reliability.

Though blockchain technology came into the market to carry out only digital transactions, it is now used in various industries like supply chain, finance, health care, and many more.

The blockchain technology has made its position in mobile app development as well. Blockchain applications are transparent and accountable. From getting easy access to medical records and buying insurance, you can see blockchain applications everywhere.

Here are some of the areas where you can see the use of blockchain applications and how they have changed various industries.

1. Ripple

Ripple is useful for increasing banking transactions. The implementation of blockchain technology in the financial sector is much more profound than any other sector. Ripple proves this. It is one of the greatest tools to record and complete financial transactions.

It develops a large network despite strict physical boundaries. As there is no such third-party involvement present, the cost of these transactions is lower than usual. At the same time, the network also remains transparent and quite secured.

It is normally seen that financial transactions that happen globally are

error-prone and take a lot of time. In addition to this, when the transaction

fees and exchange rates get added up, the total cost usually gets high.

However, Ripple offers real-time international transactions without spending too much money. It has the network of about 200+ institutions making the process affordable, secure, and fast for all sorts of international transactions.

2. Etherisc

This blockchain application helps in automating flight insurance. Insurance is another area where blockchain is gaining popularity. Through this application, insurers can make smart contracts rather than getting involved in the traditional contracts that are usually complex. Etherisc is the blockchain application that helps customers buy flight insurance. If the flight gets canceled or delayed, they do not have to wait for months to get the payment back. This application ensures an on-time payout.

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Blockchain Certification | Blockchain Training Course | Blockchain Council

In all the market sectors, Blockchain technology has contributed to the redesign. The improvements that were once impossible have been pushed forward. Blockchain is one of the leading innovations with the ability to influence the various sectors of the industry. It also has the ability to be one of the career-influencing innovations at the same time. We have seen an increasing inclination towards the certification of the Blockchain in recent years, and there are obvious reasons behind it. Blockchain has everything to offer, from good packages to its universal application and futuristic development. Let’s address the reasons why one should go for Blockchain certification.

5 advantages of certification by Blockchain:

1. Lucrative packages- Everyone who completes their education or upskills themselves wants to end up with a good bundle, not only is one assured of a good learning experience with Blockchain, but the packages are drool-worthy at the same time. A Blockchain developer’s average salary varies between $150,000 and $175,000 per annum. Comparatively, a software developer gets a $137,000 per year salary. For a Blockchain developer, the San Francisco Bay area provides the highest bundle, amounting to $162,288 per annum. There’s no point arguing that learning about Blockchain is a smart decision with such lucrative packages.

2. Growing industry- When you select any qualification course, it becomes important that you choose a growing segment or industry that promises potential in the future. You should anticipate all of these with Blockchain. The size of the blockchain market is expected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. This will see an incredible 67.3 percent CAGR between 2020-2025. To help business processes, several businesses are outsourcing Blockchain technologies. This clearly demonstrates that there will be higher demand in the future for Blockchain developers and certified Blockchain professionals.

3. Universal application- One of the major reasons for the success of Blockchain is that it has a global application. It is not sector-specific. Blockchain usage cases are discovered by almost all market segments. In addition, other innovations such as AI, big data, data science and much more are also supported by Blockchain. It becomes easier to get into a suitable industry once you know about Blockchain.

**4. Work protection-**Surely you would like to invest in an ability that ensures job security. You had the same chance for Blockchain. Since this is the technology of the future, understanding that Blockchain can keep up with futuristic developments will help in a successful and safe job.

**5.**After a certain point of your professional life, you are expected to learn about new abilities that can help enhance your skills. Upskilling is paramount. Upskilling oneself has become the need for the hour, and choosing a path that holds a lot of potential for the future is the best way to do this. For all computer geeks and others who want to gain awareness of emerging technology, Blockchain is a good option.

Concluding thoughts- opting for Blockchain certification is a successful career move with all these advantages. You will be able to find yourself in a safe and secured work profile once you have all the knowledge and information. Link for Blockchain certification programme with the Blockchain Council.

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Micheal  Block

Micheal Block


Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

The concept is simple: Taking traditional financial products that are currently operated by banks, funds, etc. and putting them on the blockchain and making them accessible for everyone.

For people in the crypto space this is obvious since Bitcoin, the first DeFi application, was made especially for separating money from governments. In this article you will, however, learn about other aspects of decentralization – decentralized web, decentralized web crawlers and what the role crypto might play in this exciting new area.

But how is the internet working nowadays?

Everything is connected to big datacenters which are operated by large corporations, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or governments. This is called a star topology where many clients (like you browsing on Facebook or TikTok) are connected to one central server (e.g. Google, Amazon AWS, etc.) that delivers the content to your phone.

Now, why is that an issue?

Imagine, talking to your friend on some sensitive matter but instead of talking to them face to face privately, you have to hand each message to a third party that then gives it to your friend.

Even if the message you are sending is encrypted, there can always be problems like one party messing up the encryption or other exploits. Apart from that, the party in the middle can easily censor or modify your message. E.g. ISPs or governments banning sites like it happened in China with Google.

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Roberta  Ward

Roberta Ward


Wondering how to upgrade your skills in the pandemic? Here's a simple way you can do it.

Corona Virus Pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.

Countries are on a major lockdown. Schools, colleges, theatres, gym, clubs, and all other public places are shut down, the country’s economy is suffering, human health is on stake, people are losing their jobs and nobody knows how worse it can get.

Since most of the places are on lockdown, and you are working from home or have enough time to nourish your skills, then you should use this time wisely! We always complain that we want some ‘time’ to learn and upgrade our knowledge but don’t get it due to our ‘busy schedules’. So, now is the time to make a ‘list of skills’ and learn and upgrade your skills at home!

And for the technology-loving people like us, Knoldus Techhub has already helped us a lot in doing it in a short span of time!

If you are still not aware of it, don’t worry as Georgia Byng has well said,

“No time is better than the present”

– Georgia Byng, a British children’s writer, illustrator, actress and film producer.

No matter if you are a developer (be it front-end or back-end) or a data scientisttester, or a DevOps person, or, a learner who has a keen interest in technology, Knoldus Techhub has brought it all for you under one common roof.

From technologies like Scala, spark, elastic-search to angular, go, machine learning, it has a total of 20 technologies with some recently added ones i.e. DAML, test automation, snowflake, and ionic.

How to upgrade your skills?

Every technology in Tech-hub has n number of templates. Once you click on any specific technology you’ll be able to see all the templates of that technology. Since these templates are downloadable, you need to provide your email to get the template downloadable link in your mail.

These templates helps you learn the practical implementation of a topic with so much of ease. Using these templates you can learn and kick-start your development in no time.

Apart from your learning, there are some out of the box templates, that can help provide the solution to your business problem that has all the basic dependencies/ implementations already plugged in. Tech hub names these templates as xlr8rs (pronounced as accelerators).

xlr8rs make your development real fast by just adding your core business logic to the template.

If you are looking for a template that’s not available, you can also request a template may be for learning or requesting for a solution to your business problem and tech-hub will connect with you to provide you the solution. Isn’t this helpful 🙂

Confused with which technology to start with?

To keep you updated, the Knoldus tech hub provides you with the information on the most trending technology and the most downloaded templates at present. This you’ll be informed and learn the one that’s most trending.

Since we believe:

“There’s always a scope of improvement“

If you still feel like it isn’t helping you in learning and development, you can provide your feedback in the feedback section in the bottom right corner of the website.

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Otho  Hagenes

Otho Hagenes


Making Sales More Efficient: Lead Qualification Using AI

If you were to ask any organization today, you would learn that they are all becoming reliant on Artificial Intelligence Solutions and using AI to digitally transform in order to bring their organizations into the new age. AI is no longer a new concept, instead, with the technological advancements that are being made in the realm of AI, it has become a much-needed business facet.

AI has become easier to use and implement than ever before, and every business is applying AI solutions to their processes. Organizations have begun to base their digital transformation strategies around AI and the way in which they conduct their business. One of these business processes that AI has helped transform is lead qualifications.

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