Create your own SafeMoon clone, a DeFi token similar to SafeMoon platform

Create your own SafeMoon clone, a DeFi token similar to SafeMoon platform

Witness the next-gen fundraising platform - Safemoon. Our Safemoon Token Clone Development assists you in developing your own token. The unique features and functionalities of the token boost your crypto-preneurial life.


SafeMoon clone is a DeFi token that works similar to the SafeMoon operating process with a high annual percentage return for every user in the SafeMoon account. A tailor-made community-driven decentralized token that provides functions similar to the existing SafeMoon.

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon, a new trend in the decentralized platform, the investors anticipate that SafeMoon will be a promising revenue option for the future. The investors in this platform are increasing because of the rise in token value by their token mechanism. The user can either purchase the SafeMoon tokens with the fiat currency or exchange them with the other tokens. In the future, the user can exchange the tokens with fiat money at increased token value. The CEO of SafeMoon is John Karony, a former analyst of U.S. Department of Defense, according to his LinkedIn profile. A single SafeMoon price is around 0.000007708.

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Specific SafeMoon markets are: Pancake Swap BitMart LBank ZBG Bitrue Decoin

Steps to purchase the SafeMoon:

SafeMoon platform: Create the token name, symbol, and the total supply necessary for the transactions. Select the appropriate SafeMoon platform that is safe and secure to proceed with the account creation. Binance account: The process involving the purchase of SafeMoon is more than any cryptocurrency purchase since SafeMoon is available only on above-mentioned platforms. Purchase your BNB coin: To automate the operation, execute the new smart contract. Purchases of the BNB coins are on the cards after the successful registration of the binance account. Then the swapping of the tokens to the SafeMoon account is mandatory for any purchase or investment in the future. Download Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet & Meta Mask, the premier wallets in the Pancake Swap platform. Next, you can review the “terms and conditions” of the policy and, as usual for all other transactions, tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of the transactions and related process.
Purchase: The final step in a SafeMoon account is purchasing the required digital asset in the crypto wallet. The mathematical equations are present to calculate the token price, called an Automated Market Maker (AMM). Hardware wallet: This is optional to make the SafeMoon transactions more secure & safe. Software wallets are physical devices to store crypto tokens offline. The software wallets connect to the cryptocurrency platform to make the transactions shielded in a better way.

Defining SafeMoon clone:

The replica of the DeFi token website of the SafeMoon is the SafeMoon clone script. A mix of the automated liquidity pool and RFI tokenomics similar to the SafeMoon is the SafeMoon clone.

Functions of SafeMoon clone :

Liquidity pool: The Base token represents the token held as its token in their respective account. Due to the two base operations, a liquidity pool is possible in the SafeMoon clone because of buyer & seller fund transactions. The resistant mechanism acts as a penalty to avoid the volume staying unsecured, thus preventing the more prolonged dips in price when someone decides to sell their tokens. The locking of the liquidity in numerous locks is viable.

Manual burn: According to the creators, more control over the coins is possible through the manual burn process. Due to the less supply of the coin, the demand of the coins increases, which would automatically increase the coins price at a high speed instantly. The tracking of the total manual burn is possible in the SafeMoon clone token account by the user.

Static rewards: There are numerous advantages to having a SafeMoon clone; one among them is the static rewards for the value of SafeMoon that you possess. The static reward amount depends upon the volume of trading in the SafeMoon clone account. The SafeMoon clone account holders can earn static rewards as a 5% fee is redistributed as an incentive to all cryptocurrency token holders. Half of the 5% fee is sold into BNB, and the remaining half of 5% will pair automatically with the BNB and thus add to the liquidity pair. A 10% fee will be charged from the SafeMoon clone account for the users who sell their tokens.

Fund deposit: The cryptocurrency tokens can be deposited into any of the AMM wallets, and withdrawal from any other third-party account is possible.

Working on the SafeMoon clone:

Currency selection: The first step in any DeFi account is the currency selection that forms the basis of any crypto transactions in a decentralized account. Address specification: An alternate approach for the listing SafeMoon clone is the address specification. The digit code appropriately identifies the right and exact user to carry out the transaction.

Swapping: It is possible to swap any of the cryptocurrency tokens to get the SafeMoon clone tokens at any time. Swapping serves as an alternative to sell the holding tokens in any decentralized account.

Why choose Cryptocurrency Exchange Script for SafeMoon clone script:

A custom-made DeFi token that executes the operations similar to the SafeMoon token. In the SafeMoon clone script, there is a possibility for the passive share of income on every new entry as a reflection function. There are numerous SafeMoon clone Script platforms to create a unique SafeMoon like platform with many other specialized features. The reflection attributes of the SafeMoon clone script are the apple’s eye for the common public since the users can make a massive share on every successful entry of a new person in the SafeMoon clone platform.


The newly launched SaefMoon clone has been steadily gaining popularity on the internet recently. The added features of SafeMoon clones like high reflections, mass adoptions, and tension-free farming rewards make this cloning concept a successful one.

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Create A DeFi Token Like SafeMoon | Create A Token Like SafeMoon | SafeMoon Clone

The SafeMoon clone is the next big disruptor in the blockchain world that gained the interest of many investors to experience their investment towards a worthy SafeMoon Clone Script for increasing their business standards.

SafeMoon Clone | Token Development Platform like SafeMoon | SafeMoon Token Platform

The SafeMoon clone is the next big disruptor in the blockchain world that gained the interest of many investors to experience their investment towards a worthy SafeMoon Clone Script for increasing their business standards.

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What is SafeMoon Clone ?

SafeMoon clone is a complete community-driven decentralized token that is created for exchanges that operate similar to SafeMoon. It is a customizable DeFi token protocol that executes functionalities that are similar to the original token....