How to hack the secret Google Dino Game - Tech Rorschach

How to hack the secret Google Dino Game - Tech Rorschach

Here are all the Google dino hack script and codes with their description like Gravity cheat, Speed cheat, Jump cheat, Immortal cheat etc.

Everyone has played the google dinosaur game, well, at least everyone who has a bad internet connection. You can also play the dinosaur game with an internet connection too. The page displays a heartbreaking and frustrating error, “No internet,” but to ease our pain for a couple of minutes, we can play this game. This game was released in 2014 and is also known as T-Rex Game and Dino Runner. You would also be surprised to know that the google dinosaur hack exists, which I will explain here. Here is a list of things you will be able to do:

  1. Gravity cheat
  2. Speed cheat
  3. Jump cheat
  4. Immortal cheat
  5. To play the run animation where the dino does not cover any distance
  6. Chaos Mode

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