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Prototyping in Figma

Prototyping in Figma


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Prototyping in Figma

Figma design kit built to integrate with Tailwind CSS

Hey everyone ✌🏻

Together with my friend, we developed a design kit in Figma specifically to be integrated with Tailwind CSS, a trending new utility first CSS framework.

You can check out and duplicate the project from the Figma community.

It’s open source 💙

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Madilyn  Kihn

Madilyn Kihn


Prototypal Inheritance — The second pillar of Javascript

All you need to know about Prototypal Inheritance — The second pillar of Javascript
What we will learn here will help us understand Object-oriented programming(OOP).

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JavaScript Prototypes. It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated.

It’s hard to skip prototypes (or the prototype chain or prototypal inheritance) if you want to dive deeper into JS development (Not only pure JS, but also Node.js, Frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, Angular,…).

If you are like me a few years ago and get some serious headache each time you have to deal with prototypes in JavaScript, this will probably be THE article you were looking for to get your head wrapped around the principle of prototypes in JS.

From the  MDN documentation (don’t be scared, we’ll clarify everything below):

When it comes to inheritance, JavaScript only has one construct: objects. Each object has a private property (referred to as [[Prototype]]) which holds a link to another object called its prototype. That prototype object has a prototype of its own, and so on until an object is reached with null as its prototype. By definition, null has no prototype, and acts as the final link in this prototype chain.

Private [[Prototype]] property

Refer back to the below illustration whenever you feel the need, it might help you to wrap your head around this concept easier.

Prototype chain

So let’s start from the base. Every object in JavaScript has a private [[Prototype]] prototype, which holds a reference to another object (or null). This means, that our new object will have access to methods and properties of that referenced object.

#javascript #prototypes #prototypal inheritance #prototype chain

Creative Mobile Prototype Design | WebClues Infotech

Creative Mobile Prototype Design

Before creating the actual mobile app it is a common practice to create a prototype and test for its success probability in the market. So creating a prototype app that has the required important feature of the app is a good strategy.

Do you want to develop a prototype to test the market requirements?

WebClues Infotech is the Web & Mobile App development agency that has helped 100s of industries in building a prototype before the final launch of the app. With a dedicated team for prototype app development, there can be no one better suitable than WebClues Infotech.

Want to know more about our prototype development service?

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Ida  Nader

Ida Nader


Figma Tutorial - Prototyping in Figma

This tutorial covers how to create interactive Prototypes in Figma.

If you’re new to Figma, I recommend starting with the tutorial on designing Wireframes first.

This tutorial is part of the Butter Academy Online UX Design Course.

Learn more at: https://butteracademy.com/