The Tableau Desktop Certification: Why You Should Care

The Tableau Desktop Certification: Why You Should Care

The Tableau Desktop Certification: Why You Should Care and How You Can Pass: An introduction to and comprehensive guide for passing the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam.

Woah, Tableau!

By now, almost everyone’s heard of the data visualization software that brought visual analytics to the public. Its intuitive drag and drop interface makes connecting to data, creating graphs, and sharing dashboards easier than ever before.

But why should exactly you care about it?

According to Tableau’s website, in 2017 there were over 300,000 people using Tableau Public (the free version of Tableau available for everyone) to create visualizations and share data online.

You can create use Tableau to create “standard” business visualizations, like the sample eCommerce dashboard below.

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eCommerce Tableau Public Dashboard by Simon Stusak

You can also bring out your creativity in full force and use Tableau to tell a story. Tableau allows you to bring contextual explanations, easy-to-understand graphs, and visual flair together in one view. One Tableau Public user used it to answer the age-old “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” question, which you can see below.

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