Ways to use AI to generate wealth in the next decade

Ways to use AI to generate wealth in the next decade

Artificial intelligence revenues are all projected to multiply over time. Amazon, Google, Microsoft are all in fierce competition with each other for developers, who will use their cloud service to develop their newer models and algorithms. Startup. AI trading bot. Contract work. Don't miss it!

This exciting new industry is growing by more than 42% annually and will reach a market size of $733 billion by 2027. In the future, all services and products by the time they reach the consumer have at least once encountered artificial intelligence. The growth and viability of the industry are obvious to everyone. If something is so evident, why not exploit it today and plant the seeds of our future wealth? Here are 4 ways we can make more money in the 2020s using AI

The industry potential

If we mention the year 2020, surely everyone will immediately associate it with a pandemic. A mass of Internet memes was made about how 2020 was not the most pleasant year for humanity. Of course, this negative mood did not develop for no reason. In addition to human loss and endangering our mental health, another notable category is the economic downturn. Entire industries shut down overnight.

Artificial intelligence is fully intertwined with digital life and services. That is why this market has not suffered a hard downturn due to the months of the pandemic. According to IDC, a highly prestigious global market research firm with decades of history, revenues from the AI ​​market will be around** $156.6 billion in 2020**, an increase of more than 12% compared to 2019. The study notes that while growth was still in double digits, it was slower than many had expected.

*Artificial intelligence revenues are all projected to multiply over time. *Emphasizing this fact is very important when trying to assess future business potential. There is no jump-like revenue growth or success stories in markets that are already in an anxious age. In this sense, let us also consider the market as the body of an organic organism. An old horse is less competitive than a young one. In this situation, let’s put the horse’s competitiveness in parallel with business opportunities. In a young market, it is always easier to make good decisions.

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