The in and outs of Angular-*ngIf

The in and outs of Angular-*ngIf

This is my first post in a series called “The in and outs of Angular”. Today we will talk about the structural directive *ngIf

This is my first post in a series called “The in and outs of Angular”. Today we will talk about the structural directive *ngIf

Although we all know how to use *ngIf/[ngIf] lets take a second to go over Angular’s definition of it,

“_ A structural directive that conditionally includes a template based on the value of an expression coerced to Boolean._”

So in basic terms ngIf is a simple directive that will *render *in run time by the condition value. So how does this work in actual run time ?

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A basic implementation of ngIf

ngIf is actually a setter (link). once a new value is emitted into the setter it will go into action to check if it needs to render the html element or not, by using a setter instead of ngOnChanges angular gets a more precise and less prone to buggy code. only running functionality once the value of ngIf condition changes .

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